Original score by France Jobin and Stephan Mathieu
for Cedrick Eymenier’s film The Answer

Answers by France Jobin, Sea Songs by Stephan Mathieu

«Tu regardes devant toi. En même temps, tu fixes quelque chose qui est au dedans de toi-même. Un souvenir ou je ne sais pas quoi. En tout cas, quelque chose d’invisible aux autres. Tu héberges quelque chose qui n’est visible que par toi.»

Gaëlle Obiégly



Design by Caro Mikalef for Cabina

Published by Touch Music/Fairwood Music

© ℗ Schwebung 2016


Schwebung Étendue II

releases June 22, 2016

mirror neurons on DER



Duration 46:15

Format CD + Digital
Edition 500
Release Date April 21, 2015
Cover xx+xy visual

Track Listing
01 Parallel
02 Reflection
03 Mimesis

Bonus Video
All orders through DER’s Bandcamp will receive an excerpt of Mirror Neurons.
Visuals :  xx+xy visuals 
Sound : France Jobin and Fabio Perletta


“Mirror neurons will do for psychology what DNA did for biology”
— Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, neuroscientist

Mirror neurons represent a distinctive class of cells that fire both when an animal executes an action and when it observes another individual performing the same action. Discovered by Italian neurophysiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti and his team at the University of Parma while doing a research on the neural representation of motor movements in monkeys, the precise function and influence of these neurons has become one of the most important topic in neuroscience. They have been linked to many behaviours and abilities, from empathy to learning by imitation and language acquisition, as well as implicated in conditions such as autism and other brain disorders. These findings suggest that the mirror neuron system plays a key role in our ability to experience empathy.

Initiated by sound artists France Jobin and Fabio Perletta, Mirror Neurons is a media-project investigating the notion of empathy and physical distance. The entire album is the result of extended sound files exchange between Montréal (Canada) and Roseto degli Abruzzi (Italy). Each of the pieces is based on rough sounds and their consequent re-working, listening and reaction, processing and imitation. The ongoing process helped the artists to draw inspiration in terms of stimuli for the act of composing itself in two very distant cities, different climate, time zones and languages.

Like much of Jobin and Perletta’s recent works, Mirror Neurons explores the artists’ interest in intersection between science and art, as well as the infinitely small and invisible. In order to further develop the concept of distance/connectivity, visual artists XX+XY from Rome have been involved in the process. They created a multi-dimensional, generative and ever-changing sound visualization through the use of quiet textures and subtle movements emphasizing the slowed sense of time of the work itself. Thought to be performed live in a big space, the video aims to create an immersive environment and a unique occasion to reflect about the behaviour of our emotions and the importance of human interaction.

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First review on Igloo Magazine

Everestrecords – terrestre

New album out by MATHON on the 29. April 2011 on Everestrecords
with remixes by Steinbrüchel, Digitalis, Kenneth Kirschner, i8u, Tobias Reber, Matu and Elektrohandel.

Pre-order on Junodownload and Vinyl pro-order here: http://everestrecords.greedbag.com/buy/terrestre-0/

The project Mathon has its name from a beautiful place in the Swiss Alps. Every year since 2003 Thomas  Augustiny,
Roger Stucki and Pete Leuenberg meet there and invite different musicians, to translate the impressive sur rounding into music. The conceptual project is ambient music by its original definition : spaces becomes sound and sound generates space.

This way four albums have been recorded, together with Ronny Spiegel, Maria Capelli, Nocolas Kellner and Maurice de Martin. The growing interest for the visualisation of the music, lead to  installation for Etoy, HKB
for the museum for communication.

The pieces of the current release were remixed by international known musicians like; Kenneth Kirschner, i8u, Steinbrüchel or Digitalis.

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Secrets of the lake / Foreign sun ー flag.frog ー EP

Secrets of the lake / Foreign sun ー flag.frog  ー EP

on murmur records

Guitarist Tsubasa Sugiyama was added to the Electronica unit “Liquid Weeld”, comprising of  Emi Aida and Yuki Aida.
Starting activities under another name, flag.frog, this work is the first release.

Their music is Ambient pop, whispers and voice of  Oriental melodies intertwines in the fragmentary guitar and the delicate electronic sound.
You should pay attention to luxurious remixers as well, moskitoo, celer, Taylor Deupree and i8u.

Set to be released on March 16th.

We started the acceptance of the pre-order.

Track Listing

01. secrets of the lake
02. foreign sun
03. secrets of the lake – moskitoo remix
04. foreign sun – celer remix
05. secrets of the lake – taylor deupree remix
06. secrets of the lake – i8u remix

murmur records is an independent Japanese electronic music label.
It was established by Yuki Aida, sound artist.
And Emi Aida deals with the artwork of the label.
We release drone, noise, experimental, electro-acoustic, minimalism and ambient sound into the specialty mainly.

The Clyde Parker Project Session #4

The Clyde Parker Project Session # 4 – End Parts Vol.

October 2010 – February 2011

32 Music Artists – 4 Discs (3 Discs + 1 Bonus Disc) – 45 songs – 4 Hours of music.

With :

Antti Tolvi
Barbara De Dominicis
Birds of Passage
Bristol Art
Cicely Irvine
Damian Valles
Darren Mc Clure
Esther Burns
Hans Appelqvist
i8u (France Jobin)
Jean-Philippe Guibert
krzysztof orluk
Leonardo Rosaldo
Linda Bjalla (Izumi suzuki)
Marihiko Hara & Polar M
Mirko Uhlig
Moinho( Franck M.)
n17 (Hellmut Neidhardt)
Orla Wren
Pascal Marius
Ran Slavin
spheruleus (Audiogourmet)

Ligne on Atak (2009)

ligne | CD | ATAK | i8u | Tomas Phillips

Tomas and i8u have been working together since the later part of 2005. For this release, the sessions were improvised with a compositional structure in mind, they were then edited further. The compositions of i8u and Tomas Phillips belie their designation as such. Constructed from improvisation first and foremost, each track reflects a particular moment of time and dialogue. Materials range from numerous electronic and acoustic sources, whilst inspiration derives from a similar diversity; in one instance, a film by Sergio Leone, in another, a wooden object, a piano. The conversation then extends to a period of revision, adjustments, subtractions, reflecting a fascination with minimal sound environments as well as the mutual inspiration of a warm friendship.

text by Tomas Phillips

donnée (edited and arranged by Keiichiro Shibuya)
ligne (remix by Keiichiro Shibuya)

Symbiotic on pertin_nce (2006)

symbiotic | NET | pertin_nce | i8u + andrew duke

1  Loon Statistics (11:02), 2  Exhale and Shiver (12:43), 3  MVI (as per David Kristian) (7:04), 4  Punch Jig (5:23), 5  March Of The Bionicles (for Michael and Alexandre) (6:35), 6  Train Travel Hypnosis (9:07)