Entanglement is a multi-work project that daringly fuses scientific inquiry and creative vision, by delving into the profound realm of quantum physics and artistic performance. 

Based on the collaborative and colliding minds of artists France Jobin and Markus Heckmann, Entanglement finds its inspiration in the intricate theories of quantum entanglement, notably the Copenhagen interpretation and the multiverse (quantum decoherence). Beyond these theories, the project is further enriched – and challenged – by exploring the fluidity of time and the enigmatic principle of quantum entanglement. 

Three iterations have been created, the original Entanglement AV performance (2021), Entanglement XR (2022), and Entanglement Dome (2023), designed to emancipate the audience from the constraints of conventional time. Participants are invited to lose themselves in this boundless expanse of creativity, where the borders between reality and imagination dissolve, leaving them suspended in time and in a state of wonder. 

Portofolio – France Jobin + Markus Heckmann

CV – Markus Heckman

CV – France Jobin (Science related)

Entanglement – Text – France Jobin ©2023

Photos Entanglement AV:

Photos Entanglement Dome:

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Entanglement XR

Tech rider AV performance:

Tech rider Dome performance