Entanglement – is a creative project initiated by France Jobin, an encounter with scientific research, inspired by the concept and properties of entanglement in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory that will culminate in the production of four albums, installations and other modes of dissemination that lend themselves to these expressions, including immersive experiences.

Having spent the last 18 months studying quantum physics, her sources of inspiration are based on the two most prevalent theories currently explaining quantum entanglement: the Copenhagen interpretation and the many worlds interpretation (quantum decoherence). In addition to these two theories, inspiration comes from the perceived fluidity of time, and the strange dynamics of entangled systems.

Entanglement A/V with visual artist Markus Heckmann is the first iteration of this ambitious project which is inspired by the same theories, and plays on the senses and perception.

Portofolio – France Jobin + Markus Heckmann

CV – Markus Heckman



Tech rider AV performance:

Tech sheet Dome performance