Ligne on Atak (2009)

ligne | CD | ATAK | i8u | Tomas Phillips

Tomas and i8u have been working together since the later part of 2005. For this release, the sessions were improvised with a compositional structure in mind, they were then edited further. The compositions of i8u and Tomas Phillips belie their designation as such. Constructed from improvisation first and foremost, each track reflects a particular moment of time and dialogue. Materials range from numerous electronic and acoustic sources, whilst inspiration derives from a similar diversity; in one instance, a film by Sergio Leone, in another, a wooden object, a piano. The conversation then extends to a period of revision, adjustments, subtractions, reflecting a fascination with minimal sound environments as well as the mutual inspiration of a warm friendship.

text by Tomas Phillips

donnée (edited and arranged by Keiichiro Shibuya)
ligne (remix by Keiichiro Shibuya)