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Entanglement is basically an artistic project at the crossroads of scientific research inspired by the concept and properties of entanglement in quantum physics and quantum fields theory. The sources of inspiration of France Jobin and Markus Heckmann are based on the two current dominant theories explaining quantum entanglement: the Copenhagen interpretation and the multiverse (quantum decoherence). In addition to these two theories, there is the fluidity of time and the principle of quantum entanglement. The Entanglement performance is inspired by the same theories; an ambitious immersive experience that will be presented as a world premiere at the 22nd edition of MUTEK.

Entanglement Dome at SAT

Entanglement AV

Entanglement AV – Mutek ES

Entanglement quantum states – A series of four albums

Release on ROOM40 in January 2024 –
Infinite probabilities

Track 01 – Unified quantum state – Video
Track 02 – Superposition

Release on Erototox Decodings in 2024
Infinite possibilities

Track 01 – Instantaneous knowledge
Track 02 – Nothing is ever known for certainĀ