#synthporn on ROOM40

EP01 France Jobin is a lover of wires, electronics and sine tones. She has something special to share on ROOM40!

“This photo serves as clear evidence of my early fascination with all things cables, connections and electricity. To this day, I have nurtured this obsession with childlike wonder.

When Lawrence English and Robin Fox extended the invitation to travel to Australia, an invitation which included a coast to coast tour and a residency at MESS in Melbourne, I could not resist!

Upon arriving at MESS, I simply became overwhelmed by the amount and diversity of the collection of synths and electronic instruments. There it was, the entire history of synth, drum machines and modulars in front of me, delight! Which one will I start with? It’s complicated.

I opted to work the synths that I am unfamiliar with, therefore adding a nice learning curve to the experience but also, an opportunity to observe and learn how the technicalities and programming evolved over the years.

The 4 pieces included in the 2 ep’s are the result of recorded live improvisations during which I familiarized myself with these wonderful electronic instruments.

I strived to remain true to each synth, I did not have a compositional intent, but rather preferred to let each synth’s personality shine through and hope I manage to earn their respect in the process.

An enormous thank you to Lawrence English, Robin Fox, Byron Scullin and Matthew Watson and everyone at MESS for their kind support.”


released July 3, 2020

All sounds recorded at MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) using the Sequential Circuits Prophet 10, and the Mellotron Mini.


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