PRECTXE festival – Nov 2 – 3 -2019 in Seoul, S.Korea

France Jobin + Richard Chartier, visual by Markus Heckmann

Canada, /USA / DE

1001 odyssey

DUO AV @Bunker | 11.03 SUN, 21:00-22:00 

‘DUO’ is the first project of minimalist composers France Jobin and Richard Chartier. DUO expresses eternity and creates an atmosphere that fills space. The sound they produce permeates into a complex and delicate system depicted in time and space. The sound of DUO, together with Markus Heckmann’s beautiful visual work, guides the audience into a world of mysterious emotions and experiences as if it is a spacewalk.

Jobin is a French Montreal based sound / installer / artist, composer and curator. Her audio art, which can be called ‘sound-sculpture’, shows a minimalist approach to a complex sound environment where analog and digital intersect.

 Richard Chartier is considered one of Los Angeles-based composers and key figures in minimalist sound art. His work explores the interrelationship between the spatial characteristics of sound and silence.  

Markus Heckmann, technical director of touch designer software developer Derivative, has long been an expert in creating large installations and visual arts, working with artists and large projects with inspiration for music, lighting and club scene images.

Bucheon Art Bunker B39
14449, Bucheon Art
BunkerB39, 53 Samjak-ro
Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Republic of Korea