Entanglement Dome at SAT during Mutek 24

France Jobin and Markus Heckmann will present Entanglement dome at SAT

August 26th 2023 – SAT – 20h and 22h
1201, boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, Qc

For its 24th edition, the MUTEK Festival returns to the dome of the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] for the Satosphere Series, a program of immersive works and performances that explore new conceptual and sensory territories.

On the agenda: an exploration of the duality between analog and digital (Metaract); a supernatural journey to rediscover the transcendence of nature (Iwakura); an immersion into a sacred ritual of spiritual union (Union); an opening to an inclusive spatio-temporal world (I want to leave this Earth behind), and a sensory experience around quantum physics (Entanglement).

The SAT x MUTEK program in the Satosphere is presented by the SAT and is not included in the MUTEK passes. However, MUTEK pass holders can benefit from a 15% discount for this event. This offer is available in person at the ticket office of the Society for Arts and Technology (1201, boul. St-Laurent). Within the limit of available seats

Satosphère 4

France Jobin CA/QC & Markus Heckmann DE/CA – Entanglement Immersive Performance

Showing: 20h & 22h

Duration: 30 minutes

Entanglement AV and XR at Mutek Mexico

France Jobin and Markus Heckmann will present Entanglement AV and XR at Mutek MX

IMPORTANT: doors open at 18:30 and access will be allowed until 03:00.

Nocturne 360 is the most intense and diverse program of the MUTEK MX experience. With infinite universes contained in a single venue, Nocturne 360s rooms, installations and passageways will be transformed through the visions and experiments from artists and creators from all over.

This mega convergence of up-and-coming and renowned artists will take us on an exciting 360 tour that will go from virtual reality and immersive experiences, to cathartic dance sessions with the most challenging producers. In addition to the artists who will take on the different stages, Nocturne 360 will showcase the globally distinctive ambience and light design of the MUTEK experience.

Andy StottUK

CNDSD & Iván AbreuMX+CU

France Jobin & Markus HeckmannCA/QC+DE


JS BaillatCA/QC

Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithUS


Loraine JamesUK

Nik Colk VoidUK

SKY H1 & Mika OkiBE

Sinjin Hawke & Zora JonesCA/AT

Tristan ArpUS



Elías Merino & Tadej DroljcES/SI





Boris AcketNL

Concepción Huerta + z.vektor & Milena PafundiMX+AR

Fezz Stenton, Karl Skene & Matt EckensweilerCA


Melissa SantamaríaMX

Oculta StudioMX

Orly AnanCO

Rafael Anton Irisarri & Florence ToUS+UK


Buena Tarde & Rodrigo CidMX


Entanglement AV at Hellerau in Dresden

MUTEK Collaboration Night at Hellerau

Ryoichi Kurokawa, France Jobin & Markus Heckmann, RAMZi, Flabbergast, Line Katcho

For over 20 years, MUTEK has been dedicated to showcasing live electronic music and real-time audiovisual performances in Montreal, making it one of the few venues in North America where such innovation occurs. MUTEK has built a unique model over the years that has proven to be alluringly exportable. The tentacles now span four continents and six other cities such as Tokyo, Barcelona or Buenos Aires, with each satellite adapting the festival’s values ​​of inclusion and accessibility to inspire new ways of engaging with the richness of electronic and digital art.

After the cooperation between HYBRID and MUTEK was postponed at short notice in March 2020 and could only take place digitally in March 2021 with thousands of online guests, the first cooperation will finally be live in the Festspielhaus in Hellerau on October 29th, 2022: with Ryoichi Kurokawa, France Jobin & Markus Heckmann, Line Katcho, Flabbergast and RAMZi will guarantee artists who have long been associated with MUTEK an extraordinary evening in the Great Hall of the Festpielhaus.


8:00 p.m. Subassemblies – Ryoichi Kurokawa

9:15 p.m. Entanglement – ​​France Jobin & Markus Heckmann 

10:00 p.m. RAMZi + Line Katcho (visuals)

10:45 p.m. Flabbergast + Line Katcho (visuals)

Duration: 5 hours

Entanglement AV at GAS Göteborg Art Sounds 2022


18:00-21:00 | SKEPPET GBG
Canadian sound artist Pierre-Luc Lecours and saxophonist Ida Toninato will present their audiovisual performance Inner Seas, which is an audiovisual performance that revolves around the theme of water, where baritone saxophone, modular synthesizer and electric guitar meet. Montreal based sound artist Myriam Boucher presents the work The Tuning of the Fields, a work that tends to evoke those moments of solitude and wonder, and that feeling of suspended time that inhabits us when listening to the song of the crickets, eyes closed, at night, lying in a field. Montreal based artists France Jobin and Markus Heckmann presents the audiovisual work Entanglement, which is an artistic project at the crossroads of scientific research inspired by the concept and properties of entanglement in quantum physics and quantum fields theory.

Göteborg Art Sounds

Entanglement AV at INDEX-Biennale of media arts may 15 2022

Friday – 21:30
Theatro Circo

France Jobin & Markus Heckmann

Entanglement is an artistic project at the crossroads of scientific research inspired by the concept and properties of entanglement in quantum physics and quantum fields theory. The sources of inspiration of France Jobin and Markus Heckmann are based on the two current dominant theories explaining quantum entanglement: the Copenhagen interpretation and the multiverse (quantum decoherence). In addition to these two theories, there is the fluidity of time and the principle of quantum entanglement. The Entanglement performance is inspired by the same theories; an ambitious immersive experience that will be presented at Index 2022.

Entanglement AV at Mutek ES in March 2022

https://barcelona.mutek.org/  for Tickets & More Info

Once again this year, the festival will transform the incomparable setting of the Antiga Fàbrica de Estrella Damm into a great sound and visual experience with Carmen Villain (NO), Bendik Giske (NO), Marina Herlop (ES), France Jobin & Markus Heckmann (CA/QC), Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP), aya & Sweatmother (UK), and Nahash (QC/CA).

More about artists:

Marina Herlop’s universe reaches beauty without renouncing complexity, which makes her one of the most brilliant, restless and interesting composers in our country. After signing with the influential PAN label, Marina has become one of the most interesting and promising artists in our country.

France Jobin and Markus Heckmann premiere their performance ‘Entanglement’, an artistic-scientific project inspired by the concept and properties of entanglement in quantum physics and quantum fields, based on theories such as the interpretation of Copenhagen and the multiverse (quantum decoherence), or the fluidity of time.

For the first time in Spain, the newly released live of aya together with the visuals of Sweatmother. With “im hole” (Hyperdub, 2021), the British artist has signed one of the most personal albums of this year, where not only club music is deconstructed but also language, dialect, gender and sexuality.

Nahash , alias of the artist and producer of labels like SVBKVLT (SHangay), has been for years motivated to generate soundtracks around the idea of the end of the world. He will debut with the A/V show of his album “Flowers Of The Revolution” (2020), a work that he feels really current as it evokes a pre-apocalyptic environment which resembles the world we are living in.

MUTEKES will also collaborate with the excellent Norwegian label, Smalltown Supersound with a showcase of artists from the label which will include Bendik Giske Carmen Villain.

Giske returns to Barcelona after his successful appearance on MUTEK Connect’s Caterina Barbieri show. Bendik Giske‘s saxophone is a pure extension of his body. It matches the Norwegian composer’s intense physicality; his total vulnerability, joy and artistic expression. Drawing on his own queer perspective, Bendik expands the concept of club music through rhythmically textured compositions and visceral performances.

Under that Latin pseudonym hides Carmen Hillestad, a half-Norwegian, half-Mexican artist and producer who has spent the last 9 years and 4 albums gently unravelling the song into the sound of emotional momentum. Carmen Villain arrives at MUTEK Barcelona 2022 with her fourth album under her arm. It is ‘Only Love From Now On’, a work also released by Smalltown Supersound in February 2022 that presents Villain’s aesthetic blossoming into something unexpected, benevolent in its composure and totally exuberant in its sensuality.

The Japan Foundation is joined by artist Ryuichi Kurokawa presenting for the first time in Barcelona his work. “assembly / subassemblies”, a project co-produced in 2019 by LOXOSconcept (Matera 2019), MUTEK, Stereolux/Scopitone and TodaysArt, in which he investigates the relationship between nature and the impact of human activity through an architectural scale perspective: ruins, buildings invaded by nature, badly preserved architectures that overlap and are dynamically rebuilt. The aim is not only to broaden the perception of floating between nature and man-made, but also between abstract and concrete phenomena through their transition, destruction and renaturalization.

*France & Markus are part of the delegation of Québec artists that #MUTEKES13 presents as part of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Treaty of Cooperation between Catalonia and Québec.

The fluidity of time does not exist at Akousma

October 14th 2021

Usine C – Soirée 4 – Bloc 4

France Jobin

France Jobin, artiste audio/installative/compositeure de film et commissaire, réside à Montréal. Son art audio, qualifié de «sculpture sonore», se distingue par une approche minimaliste d’environnements sonores complexes à l’intersection de l’analogue et du numérique. Ses installations empruntent un parcours parallèle, intégrant des éléments musicaux et visuels inspirés par l’architecture des lieux. On peut «vivre l’expérience» de ses installations et concerts dans une variété d’espaces non conventionnels et dans des festivals de nouvelles technologies internationaux.

Jobin a produit de nombreux albums solos qui sont parus sous des étiquettes renommées dont popmusik records (JP), LINE (US), nvo (AT), Baskaru (FR), ATAK (JP), ROOM40 (AU) No-ware (CL-DE) et récemment Editions Mego. Ses oeuvres font également partie de nombreuses compilations.

Programme *création
La fluidité du temps n’existe pas (15’)

Le temps est mystérieux ; Je n’avais jamais réalisé à quel point jusqu’à ce que je l’étudie dans le contexte de la physique quantique. Le mystère provient d’une façon de penser pleine de bon sens – que le moment présent, que nous appelons « maintenant », n’est pas figé mais se déplace constamment dans la direction du futur. C’est ce que nous appelons l’écoulement du temps.

Ce concept de “bon sens” du temps est le suivant : imaginez une ligne avec une flèche pointant vers la droite, chaque point de la ligne représente un moment fixe, un triangle dessiné avec la pointe touchant la ligne représente le point en mouvement continu, le moment présent. Il est censé se déplacer de gauche à droite. Certains croient que des événements particuliers sont fixes et que la ligne elle-même les dépasse, de sorte que des moments du futur balaient le moment présent pour devenir des moments passés. Penser le temps comme une ligne implique simplement une séquence de points à différentes positions, de sorte que tout point en mouvement peut être considéré comme une séquence immobile de  “snapshots”, en fait, une version de lui-même, à chaque instant. Elle s’apparente à une séquence de photos fixes, projetées sur un écran. Collectivement, les images bougent mais individuellement, l’image ne change jamais.

Cette idée que le moment présent semble avancer dans le temps est définie par rapport à notre conscience. Mais notre conscience cependant, ne peut pas faire cela. Rien ne peut bouger d’un instant à l’autre, Exister du tout à un instant particulier signifie exister pour toujours. Notre conscience existe dans tous nos moments (de veille). Nous ne faisons pas l’expérience du temps qui s’écoule ou qui passe. Ce que nous expérimentons, ce sont des différences entre nos perceptions présentes et nos souvenirs présents de perceptions passées. Nous interprétons correctement ces différences, comme la preuve que l’univers change avec le temps. Nous les interprétons également de manière incorrecte, comme la preuve que notre conscience, ou le présent, est quelque chose qui se déplace dans le temps.

Le temps qui passe est intrinsèque au monde ; il naît du monde lui-même, des relations entre les événements quantiques qui sont le monde, et qui eux-mêmes engendrent leur propre temps.

La fluidité du temps n’existe pas, est ma tentative d’interpréter ce concept en son, en créant un pièce de musique, qui elle-même est créée à l’intérieur  d’un laps de temps…

Mutek Mtl 22 – World premiere of entanglement

Play 5

Thursday, August 26, 2021
18:00_19:15 Montréal time

Cinquième salle de la Place des Arts


France Jobin & Markus HeckmannCA/QC+DE

France Jobin‘s audio art, referred to as “sound-sculpture”, distinguishes itself by a minimalist approach to complex sound environments. Since the mid-1990s, she has crafted meticulous compositions at the intersection of analog and digital. Her installations follow a parallel route, integrating musical and visual elements inspired by the architecture of diverse locations. Jobin has produced numerous solo albums under various renowned labels and her concerts and installations have been presented in several cities around the world.

Born in Germany in 1977, Markus Heckmann studied Media-technology at the University of Ilmenau and the Bauhaus University in Weimar before obtaining in 2006 the position of Technical Director at Derivative, the maker of TouchDesigner, in Toronto. Heckmann‘s personal works have always tended to combine the aesthetic aspects of generative computer graphics with the almost physical aspects of light. Apart from producing visuals and installations for artists like Carsten Nicolai or applications to control the KineticLights of WHITEvoid, he occasionally takes care of visual stimuli at techno events under the nickname Wüstenarchitekten.

Entanglement is basically an artistic project at the crossroads of scientific research inspired by the concept and properties of entanglement in quantum physics and quantum fields theory. The sources of inspiration of France Jobin and Markus Heckmann are based on the two current dominant theories explaining quantum entanglement: the Copenhagen interpretation and the multiverse (quantum decoherence). In addition to these two theories, there is the fluidity of time and the principle of quantum entanglement. The Entanglement performance is inspired by the same theories; an ambitious immersive experience which will be presented as a world premiere at the 22nd edition of MUTEK.