Vienna 02.19.2008 – V’elak-gala #30

v´elak-gala #30:19 / 02 / 2008 _ brut/Konzerthaus lothringerstr. 3; 1030 vienna

February 19, 2008

v´elak-gala #30:

i8u (Can)
Bernhard Gal
Greg Haines (Uk)
Bruzek / Schwab (v´elak)
Heribert Friedl

is a no-profit organisation/platform for artist who work in fields of experimental music, video, dance, performance etc.

one aspect is the organisation of the concert series “Elak-Gala”, which was originally founded by students from the inst. for electroacoustics of the univ. for music & interpretative arts of vienna, someday in late summer of 2004 ;
there have been 28 non-funded elak-galas on various places in vienna since then;
with 1st of jannuary 2008 we are supported by the ske-fonds -> so elak-gala became v´elak-gala.
Lothringerstrasse 3
1030 Vienna