Montreal – Toronto 04.15.2004 – Pause

Gate, is a Web art project being created for the exhibit <PAUSE> curated by MobileGaze.


<PAUSE>addresses the notion of time as experienced in art and through technology. The exhibition aims at intercepting this stream of information in order to provide a disruption within this endless expanse of data—by providing the viewer with a vantage point, a moment of reflection and a slowing down in his/her interactive viewing habits. <PAUSE> will feature commissioned Web art projects by Canadian and international artists accompanied by descriptive essays to be presented via MobileGaze’s website.

Montréal Launch : Thursday April 15, 2004
Artist Talk: 3 pm
Web Launch: 5 pm
Performances: 7 pm
Presented in collaboration with:
4001, rue Berri, local 200
Montreal Quebec

Toronto Launch : Wednesday April 21, 2004
Artist Talk and Web Launch : 7 pm
Presented in collaboration with:
Images Off Screen 2004 / NEW MEDIA
and (+)
InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 448

Yan Breuleux (Canada) = “Purblue Net.vers.1.2” (2003-4)
Jonah Brucker-Cohen (USA) = “Audiobored” (2003-4)
Grégory Chatonsky (France) = “1=1” (2004)
David Clark (Canada) = “Likewise” (2004)
David Crawford (USA) = “Stop Motion Studies” (2003-4)
Paul Devens (Netherlands) = “Dial(key)” (2004)
Reynald Drouhin + Emilie Pitoiset (France) = “Data-raw” (2003-4)
Peter Horvath (Canada) = “Album” (2004)
I8U (Canada) = “Gate” (2004)
MTAA (USA) = “Five Small Videos About Interruption and Disappearing” (2003)

MobileGaze is an artist collective dedicated to promoting, presenting and discussing new media works. Founded in Montréal in 1999 by Brad Todd and Valérie Lamontagne, MobileGaze showcases and digitally based works; interviews with media artists and cultural producers; critical writing on the impact of technology in the arts; and live Web cast events. MobileGaze serves as a platform for artists and critics interested in exchanging ideas around new media and produces thematically centred exhibitions challenging the uses of audio, video, networks and telematics by artists. MobileGaze’s previous projects include the online exhibition Matter + Memory and a series of online magazine-format dossiers and interviews