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P Orbital released on LINE (Valence, LINE_054) will be part of the first multichannel sound art exhibit ESCUCHAS at the Museum of Modern Art  in Medellin, Columbia starting, December 2nd 2015.

ESCUCHAS (Listenings) is a new sound art exhibition curated by Miguel Isaza.

In the contemporary context, sound art arises as a space that welcomes sound and the act of listening to it; also serving as a critical device aimed at the dominant tendency to see, think and touch. In this type of artistic process, sound is the central element and method of aesthetic, sensory, material and conceptual analysis. Elusive to closed definitions, it finds its own niche in practice, especially in the listening act and in artistic manifestations such as sculpture, installation, performance and composition.

Sound is a fundamental element of our vital experience, although often ignored in regards to the attention and thoughtfulness we put into it. As an artistic medium, technique, process and focus, sound has been present in the music discourse for millennia, but it is just recently when, hand-in-hand with technological exploration,it finds new directions and vindicates itself as a creation space on its own right.  Even if sound art is produced by and incorporated into non-electronic media like sculpture and installation, it is in fact through the processes of environmental sound recording and digital manipulation of sounds, objects and spaces, where the possibilities to work turn to be rich, taking on, often, a path that goes back and forth from the act of listening.

To listen is, within this context, silence and stillness. It is paying attention to the shapes that sounds might take, and from there, opening up to new dimensions. The act of listening is silent and invisible; it implies a method of being closer to sound but also an attitude of meditation, imagination and creation of realities that come from the experience of sound itself and its relations, thus playing a role that transcends the audible in order to relate to other aspects of human activity, such as language, perception, time and space, matter, affects, emotion, heritage, culture, politics, economy, and ecology.

Escuchas (listenings) is an exhibition on par with the aforementioned plurality of processes and manifestations of sound artistic processes. It is a selection of audio works, twelve in total, created as multi-channel pieces, and specially adapted by each artist for being presented in LAB3, played continuously all day long. The works directly reflect upon the incidence of sound in the aesthetic values of visual arts such as space, form, surface, texture, body, matter, concept, which are directly questioned from sonic aspects such as transience, ubiquity, invisibility, vibration, and listening.

The selection of works aims to explore sound as an independent artistic dimension, valid in its own right, hence providing a space for immersion in the act of listening where stillness, silence and meditation are welcome. The LAB3 presents itself as a place that is not experienced in a single visit, but as an intimate space for an ongoing dialogue, where consciousness expands thanks to the outside-inside sounds, where the visitor is incited to enter and reenter over and over again.


Artists on display

Alejandro Cornejo (Peru) |

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (India) |

David Velez (Colombia) |

Edu Comelles (Spain) |

Perletta Fabio (Italy) |

France Jobin (Canada) |

John Grzinich (United States) |

Manrico Montero (Mexico) |

Robert Curgenven (Australia) |

Simon Whetham (UK) |

Yann Novak (United States) |

Yannick Dauby (France) |

Opening: December 2 / 6:30 pm


und transit @ la vitrine sonore – sporopole

und transit – a 16.5 hours – multichannel sound installation @ Sporobole‘s Vitrine Sonore

11227903_10153258198449037_3922572741823182292_n©France Jobin

On alternate weeks from September 15th 2015 to October 31st 2015 –
Every day – from 8 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Week of 09.15.015
Week of 09.29.2015
Week of 10.11.2015
Week of 10.25.2015


Und transit

We all have a capacity to ignore the space we must use to get to our destination. Like most passage ways, they are a means to an end, and rarely are treated as an end in itself. Upon being introduced to minoritenplatz, I was immediately struck by the loneliness and practicality of this passage way.

Inspired by the solitary and functional aspects of La vitrine sonore’s location, I plan to collect a number of field recordings from in and around its emplacement, in order to create a series of soundscapes based on the sound of emptiness in this space.

France Jobin

und transit – sound installation will be presented in September 2015 at la Vitrine Sonore of Sporobole in Sherbrooke. The result of a 3 week residency in situ, will transform this passageway into a place to stop, listen and meander.


La vitrine sonore

Sporobole launches a new annual program that provides a curator the opportunity to gather sound artists around a curatorial approach and concepts about the Sound Window diffusion device. During a three-week residency, each artist will have unlimited access to the sound laboratory and will develop a project which will be broadcast and discussed during a round table that will conclude the year’s program.

The Sound Window is a permanent system for sound projection on the façade of Sporobole, along the sidewalk on Albert Street. Made up of sixteen loudspeakers, it makes it possible to enter into direct contact with passers-by making their way to the above-ground parking garage next door to Sporoble on city’s main street, Wellington. The linear arrangement of the sixteen speakers and their position at the geometrical interface between Sporobole and the thoroughfare make this new outdoor sound gallery a singular platform for sound spatialisation and the projection of works of sound art.




“I am pleased to announce that, by popular demand, Data/Fields exhibit has been extended two weeks…through Sunday, December 11th!” – Richard Chartier due to popular demand, DATA/FIELDS has been extended until December 11th, 2011!

“Sharply installed and smartly edited mini-survey of cutting-edge contemporary art… the works in “Data/Fields” sharpen your senses, even as they blur the boundary between sight and sound.” – The Washington Post

New Media Installation Works

Sep 22 – Nov 27
Terrace Gallery
Opening reception: Fri Sep 23 / 7-10pm / Free
Gallery talk: Mon Sep 26 + Wed Sep 28 / 12:30pm /Free

Data are points that flow through fields. We can pause in these fields and extract the information. If data fields are those set boundaries in which we place, consider, and collect information, then a gallery might be a great plane of these fields. Or, leaving the natural world for the subjective, it could become an index, compiled by artist and viewer together. Created by five noted international artists, the works in Data/Fields utilize the thematic implications of the data field as they transform gallery space into hubs of sensory information: sites of signal, noise, presence, and absence. The viewer/listener becomes another connection, another point, in the flow and transferral of data.

Data/Fields is curated by renowned sound artist Richard Chartier.

These selected and commissioned works at Artisphere are the artists’ gallery debut in the Washington, DC area and include two premiere exhibitions in the United States.


Caleb Coppock (U.S.)
Mark Fell (U.K.)
Andy Graydon (U.S./Germany)
Ryoji Ikeda (Japan)
France Jobin (Canada)
About the Curator

Richard Chartier (curator) (b.1971), sound and installation artist, is considered one of the key figures in the current of reductionist electronic sound art which has been termed both “microsound” and Neo-Modernist. Chartier’s minimalist digital work explores the inter-relationships between the spatial nature of sound, silence, focus, perception, and the act of listening itself. Chartier’s sound works/installations have been presented in galleries and museums internationally, including the 2002’s Whitney Biennial. He has performed his work live across Europe, Japan, Australia, and North America at digital art/electronic music festivals and exhibits.

In 2000 he formed the influential recording label LINE and has since curated its continuing documentation of compositional and installation work by international sound artists/composers exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism. In 2007 he curated the sound/video program Colorfield Variations, a collection of works influenced by the Color Field painting movement. This program continues to screened and exhibited and digital/film festivals, museums, and art galleries around the world. In 2010, Chartier was awarded a Smithsonian Institution Artist Research Fellowship. +

France Jobin

photo by Richard Chartier

Entre-deux, 2011, 6-channel site specific sound installation, 144 minute cycles

“Between notes and sounds lie rests and silence. I have come to regard these as the most fragile parts of music.” – France Jobin

Created entirely with actual field recordings from across the globe and on location around Artisphere, Montreal sound artist France Jobin’s site-specific work Entre-deux explores acts of systemic, yet subjective, information gathering. Spaces and times are chosen for their inherent beauty, then processed and reformed as location and experience itself becomes transposed. Entre-deux is the re-placing of data. This site-specific work is the first gallery exhibition of Jobin’s installations in the U.S.
Entre-Deux is supported in part by the Canada Council for the Arts.



On view in Data/Fields, a new media exhibition in which the viewer/listener becomes another connection in the flow and transfer of data. The artworks presented act as hubs of sensory information—sites of signal, noise, presence, and absence.  The exhibition features works by five noted international artists, Caleb Coppock (U.S.), Mark Fell (U.K.), Andy Graydon (U.S./Germany), Ryoji Ikeda (Japan), France Jobin (Canada), and is curated by renowned sound artist Richard Chartier.

Bring to light NYC

 Bring to light NYC – Nuit Blanche New York

October 1st 2011 in Greenpoint

The Festival

Bring to Light is a free nighttime public festival of art in New York City that takes place simultaneously with “nuit blanche” events in cities around the world. Inviting emerging and established artists to make site-specific installations of light, sound, performance and projection art, the event creates an immersive spectacle for thousands of visitors to re-imagine public space and civic life. Bring to Light will transform streets, parks and the industrial waterfront of Greenpoint, Brooklyn set against dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline.


Translated from the Japanese as “space-time”, JiKU (jeekoo) is an audiovisual, interactive experience as well as a video mapping installation and projection. While listening to a live music stream, audience members view an intricate visual projection, programmed by the artist to respond specifically to the music. Displayed overhead, the projection distorts the space of the immediate area as it showers light over participants. JiKU will energize a dormant location within Greenpoint, as the artist manipulates the space based on the real time reactions of the individuals inhabiting it.

Projection by Chika

Audio by i8u

Tracing the Invisible at ACP, Sydney, Australia

Tracing the Invisible by Riley Post
Audio tracks by:

Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Pattern 4
Svarte Greiner – Final Sleep
Edgard Varèse – Poème électronique
i8u – higgs released on ROOM40’s 10th anniversary compilation Various 10

Tracing the Invisible is an audio-visual generative installation exploring the psychological and emotional connection between the aural and the visual. Paired animations take live sound as a determinant in the composition, movement and decomposition of form. Sometimes rigid, sometimes fluid, but always delicate and abstract; these shapes live under the screen’s surface, resting on a sea of colour.

Presented at the Australian Centre for Photography
257 Oxford Street
Paddington NSW 2021

Friday 6 May – Saturday 11 June
Tue – Fri: 12.00 – 7.00pm,
Sat & Sun 10.00am – 6.00pm

Vienna 08.01.2011

digital : an audiovisual love affair presents:

the world premiere of the installation –

featuring excerpt from a release by i8u, und transit on non visual objects

silant aka Ilan Katin

bou from Geneva

starts at 00h00

Metropol Theater.
Hernalser Hauptstr. 55,
1170 Wien

also :

Acts (Auswahl):
♦ Solo Live Act by T.RAUMSCHMIERE (Shitkatapult / Kompakt) ♦ MARKUS LINDNER (Stadtpark) ♦ SCHEIBOSAN ( ♦ BURT REYNOLD (Cosmic Resident) ♦ SIMONLEBON (Market / Tjummy) ♦SILANT (Modul8) ♦ BOU (Le Zoo) ♦ BLACKDATA (Hamburg) ♦ PIXKOMPRESSOR (Lichttapete) uvm.

♦ Digital 1 Year Anniversary ♦ SOLO LIVE ACT by T.Raumschmiere ♦ Video-Mapping Installation by Silant & Bou ♦ Special Location: Metropol …♦

Wenn Digital am 8. Jänner seinen 1.Geburstag im Wiener Metropol feiert, darf man sich auf einige Überraschungen freuen.
Viel ist im letzten Jahr passiert und das soll auch gebührend gefeiert werden. Neben einer legendären Free Party in der Ankerbrotfabrik kann man zufrieden auf bahnbrechende Kuppelprojektionen, 3D Visuals, fulminante Live-Sets von Kollektiv Turmstrasse oder Apparat, visuelle Darbietungen der besten internationalen und nationalen Visualisten, Ausstellungen, Lesungen und vieles mehr zurückblicken.

Zu diesem besonderen Anlass zieht Digital auch in eine ganz besondere Location. Selten hat man die Gelegenheit im Wiener Metropol – einem Jahrhundertwendetheater – zu feiern, aber am 08. Jänner ist es soweit.

Als besonders extravaganter Gratulant, der sich weder in Schubladen stecken lässt noch in Kategorien denkt, erwartet euch T.Raumschmiere mit einem seiner legendären Solo Live Acts. Mit wilden Performances, die so manchen Rockstar in den Schatten stellen, begeistert der Mann mit Punk-Rock Vergangenheit, der nie ein Techno Artist sein wollte und gerne Aphex Twin als Inspiration nennt, Kritiker, Musikbegeisterte und Clubgänger gleichermaßen. Nach zahlreichen, erfolgreichen genreübergreifenden Releases auf Labels wie Kompakt, Sender oder Shitkatapult und Kollaborationen mit Miss Kittin oder Ellen Allien gratuliert er nun endlich am Digital.

Ein weiterer außergewöhnlicher Gratulant ist niemand geringerer als Silant aka Ilan Katin von der zur Zeit führenden Visualsoftware Modul8 und Allroundkünstler in Personalunion, der eine extra vorbereitete innovative Video-Mapping Installation gemeinsam mit seinem Kollegen Bou aufwartet. Und obendrein tauchen Blackdata, T.Raumschmiere`s VJ-Freund aus Hamburg, Pixkompressor vom Lichtkunstkollektiv Lichttapete, Wemakevisuals, Fitzke Family und der lustige Astronaut die gesamte Location in vollkommen neue Sphären und sorgen für visuelles Vergnügen der Extraklasse.

Nationaler Support in musikalischer Hinsicht kommt vom Stadtpark Mastermind Markus Lindner, dessen Name allein schon für höchste Qualität steht, Cosmic Resident Burt Reynold, dem umtriebigen Scheibosan und Simon Lebon von Tjumy Records.

Wir gratulieren herzlich!

♫ LINE UP (komplett) ♫

minimal / techno / electro / house

(Random Rave Sessions – LIVE / Shitkatapult / Berlin, Germany)
MARKUS LINDNER (Stadtpark Nacht)
BURT REYNOLD (Cosmic Resident)
SIMON LEBON (Market / Tjumy Records)

SILANT (Modul8 Team, Berlin)
BOU (Le Zoo, Geneva)
PIXKOMPRESSOR (Lichttapete, Wien)

Montreal 01.21.2010 – The Calendar Project

Crystal House excerpt from January ,The Calendar Project

Credits : Crystal House

Creation: Tedi Tafel
Dancer: Bill Coleman
Lighting: Yan Lee Chan
Sound: i8u

January 21-22-23.10

The Calendar Project: A year-long, site-specific performance series created by Tedi Tafel

Calendar is a year-long, in situ performance series starting in January 2010 comprised of 12 events – one a month for the entire year. The series draws its inspiration from the seasonal shifts and cycles of the natural world. Each event is closely tied to the time of year in which it will be presented. Calendar takes a variety of forms from the discrete to the elaborate, and will be shown in a diverse array of spaces in Montreal including an industrial warehouse, a backyard garden and an alleyway.

Events vary in length lasting anywhere from mere minutes to several hours occurring at different times of the day. All events are free. will be updated and disseminated monthly announcing future events and documenting past ones through images, text and sound.

WHEN: . . . . . January 21-23 between 6 and 9 p.m.
WHERE: . . . . . Espace Jean Brillant
661 Rose de Lima
Montreal, Quebec
(near metro Lionel Groulx)


we enter this wintery space and are stilled
a time of no time, of shadow, hibernation, dream and memory
life is underground, slowed right down
images emerge out of the cold, at times only barely perceptible and light reaches through the darkness

(Tedi Tafel)

This collaborative performance takes the form of a moving installation blending dance, sound, light and video projections. The work will be shown for 3 hours. The public is invited to come and go as they please and to move around the space as they wish. Admission is free.


Conception/Direction/Video Images: Tedi Tafel
Performance: Leslie Baker, Bill Coleman, Dean Makarenko, Lin Snelling
Sound Environment: Monique Jean, i8u (France Jobin)
Lighting: Yan Lee Chan
Technical Assistance (video): Jonathan Inksetter

for more info:

Krems Austria 12.15.2009 – und transit

December 15.08 to January 16.09


design and photograph by Florian Schulte

und transit (english below)

Eine Klanginstallation von i8u (France Jobin)

15.12.2008 – 16.01.2009 tägl ab 11 Uhr

Kreuzgang / Minoritenkloster

Wir alle besitzen die Angewohnheit, den Raum der unseren Weg zu unserem Ziel umgibt zu ignorieren. Wie viele Durchgänge scheinen sie zu einem Ende zu führen, in Wirklichkeit aber sind sie das Ende selber. Als ich das erste Mal den Kreuzgang betreten habe war ich von der Einsamkeit und der Praktikabilität berührt. Ich habe begonnen, die verschiedensten Klänge in Krems UND Stein aufzunehmen, um daraus Klanglandschaften für die Leere dieses Raumes zu schaffen. So enstand diese Installation „und transit“


und transit

A sound installation by i8u (France Jobin)

15.12.2008 – 16.01.2009  from 11am to 5pm

Kreuzgang / Minoritenkloster

We all have a capacity to ignore the space we must use to get to our destination. Like most passage ways, they are a means to an end, and rarely are treated as an end in itself. Upon being introduced to minoritenplatz, I was immediately struck by the loneliness and practicality of this passage way. Since then, I have collected a number of field recordings from in and around Krems, in order to create a series of soundscapes based on the sound of emptiness in this space.

Closed December 24 – 31 2008
Closed January 1st 2009

I acknowledge the support of the Canada  Council for the Arts

more by  Sándor Dobos

Nordwolle Germany 09.22.2007 – MenschMeerMedien

September 22nd  2007


The MenschMeerMedien Festival takes part at the old industry culture site Nordwolle in the middle of Europe, which was a famous woolmill in the time of industrialization. Between the red brick stone fassades, towers and bridges and in the old steam-machine-hall visitors will find actual media art from artists in Germany, Poland and the U.S..

Theremin Concerts
Electronic Live Concerts
Electro Sound
Fassade Projections
VJ + Video Art

Live Concerts: Barbara Buchholz (Berlin)
Mikro Orchestra (Breslau)

Interactive-Media-Art: BNC (SHARE.bremen)

Eric Dunlap + Holly Daggers (New York)
ChiKa Iijima (New York) + i8u (Canada)

Live Electro Sound: Axel Himmelmann (Bremen)
Andreas Genz (Bremen)

Live classic canto: Dorothea Wegelein (Bremen)
Lidia Visconti (Berlin/ Danzig)

VJ+Video Art: Dan Winkler ( SHARE.newyork)
Pedda Borowski (Berlin)
Swaantje König (Dresden)
Adam Witkowski (Danzig)
Maciej Szupica (Danzig)
VJane Danuzja (Danzig)
Agata Michowska (Posen)

Light-Installations Franz Betz (Hannover)

22. September 8p.m. – 12 p.m.
Nordwolle Delmenhorst
Am Turbinenhaus 10-12
27749 Delmenhorst

Curator: Martin Koplin, Magda Ziomek-Beims

A project by: M2C – mobile2culture Institute Bremen, SHARE.bremen, Nordwestdeutsches Museum fuer IndustrieKultur, agitPolska, Kulturbuero Delmenhorst

Montreal 09.15.2007 – Peau d’âne


Peau d’âne by Valérie Lamontagne

Audio track,  i8u
Fashion designs, Lynn van Gastel
Technical development and project programming, Patrice Coulombe and David Beaulieu


September 15 to October 20, 2007 @ Oboro
Opening: Saturday, September 15, 2007, at 5:00 pm
the dresses will be presented from 6:00 to 7:00 pm
The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, from noon to 5:00 pm


Story Time: Peau d’âne
Saturday, September 29, 2007, at 3:00 pm
as part of the Journées de la culture

From the Charles Perrault fairy tale Peau d’âne, Valérie
Lamontagne draws on the motif of three fabulous dresses: one
made out of moonbeams, one as warm and bright as the sun
above and one cut out of the sky itself. Using innovative technologies
and working with experienced collaborators, the artist has
created three interactive dresses that react in real-time to atmospheric
variations transmitted by a weather station installed on
OBORO’s roof. The colours of the moon dress vary according to
the moon cycles; the illumination of the sun dress corresponds
to the intensity of the sun’s rays; and the sky dress swells and
moves depending on the patterns of the wind. By making use
of climate conditions in this manner, Peau d’âne addresses with
an apparently banal subject matter, but one that hides valuable
clues to our modes of cultural and social exchange. A multitude
of performance possibilities emerge from these wearables,
which bridge the worlds of fairy tales and technology.
At the opening, three dancers will wear the interactive dresses
and mingle with the gallery public. The dresses will also animate
the reading of Perrault’s fairy-tale Peau d’âne, presented by the
artist for the Journées de la culture.

Valérie Lamontagne is a Montréal-based performance/digital media
artist, freelance art critic and independent curator. Her media-based
artwork/performances (Advice Bunny, Snowflake Queen, Sense Nurse,
Mermaid of the Future, Sister Valerie of the Internet and Becoming
Balthus) have been showcased across Canada, the United States and
Europe. She received an MFA from Concordia University (Montréal)
where she presently teaches in the Design and Computation Arts
program and she is a co-founder, with Brad Todd, of the media arts
collective MobileGaze. She is presently a Ph.D. Candidate investigating
“Relational and Ubiquitous Performance Art”. <>
– 30 –
Source : Caroline Loncol Daigneault, August 29th, 2007
OBORO remercie ses membres pour leur appui, ainsi que les organismes suivants pour leur généreux soutien financier : le service des arts médiatiques et le service des arts visuels du Conseil des Arts du Canada, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec,
le Conseil des arts de Montréal, le ministère du Patrimoine canadien, le ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec, la Fondation Daniel Langlois, pour l’art, la science et la technologie, Emploi-Québec, le Service du développement culturel et
de la qualité du milieu de vie de la Ville de Montréal, la Caisse populaire Desjardins du Mont-Royal, le Cirque du Soleil, ainsi que les compagnies Discreet, Adobe, Computer Systems Odessa et Metric Halo.
Valérie Lamontagne – Peau d’âne
sun dress. image : Giannina Urmeneta Uttiker, 2006

Valérie Lamontagne would like to thank the Conseil des arts et des lettres
du Québec and Groupe Molior for their generous support as well as Lynn
van Gastel for the fashion designs, Patrice Coulombe and David Beaulieu
for their technical development and project programing and I8U for the
audio track.

un centre dédié à la production et à la présentation de l’art, des pratiques contemporaines et des nouveaux médias
a centre dedicated to the production and the presentation of art, contemporary practices and new media
4001, rue Berri, local 301, Montréal (Québec) H2L 4H2 Tél. : (514) 844-3250