SAH 0​/​1 – Review – Ondarock – Pepe Trotta

by Onda Rock – Italy

Black – white, full – empty, all – nothing. How much tension can arise from the comparison between these poles? How many shades are contained within them? How can this translate into sound? These are the questions (pro) posed by Edoardo Cammisa’s Sounds Against Humanity to the ten musicians involved to give rise to “0/1”. The resulting publication, in its elegant graphics conceived and edited by Camilla Pisani , makes use of the supervision work of Angelo Guido ( ) and sees Marie Rose (Marie e le Rose, Moon Ra, MonoLogue) in the cabin of direction.

The responses received and collected by the small but precious labelthey are multifaceted in form and substance, mirror of lines of thought and musical attitudes, which although belonging to the same field, are extremely different and peculiar. The sound and emotional density of Shedir ‘s drone-ambient , on which the beneficial influence of Lawrence English continues to hover , captures and transforms the energy arising from the contrast between extremes. Along the same lines, but in a different form and with a lesser outcome, the nervous and irregular flow conceived by Philip Sulidae and the saturated frequency studded with micro-variations shaped by Stefano Tashi develop.

The industrial echoes of the concrete modulations of Monte Burrows, on the other hand, refer to a process of disintegration projected towards zero, as does the rough current, all too static and similar to white noise transmitted by Seth Cluett . Greater stillness and brightness, but also less incisiveness, animate the synthetic dance composed by Emile Bojesen and the environmental saturations of anthéne. A more structured and complex representation, which refers to an infinite and repeated process of constant transformation, is that suggested by the binary symphony chiseled by France Jobin , by the dark and profound electroacoustic itinerary conceived by Attilio Novellino and by the essential and spectral dramaturgy signed by Luigi Turra. These are certainly the three best moments of the harvest, apexes of an itinerary of variable intensity but always enjoyable.

As a whole, what is outlined is an interesting sequence of possible interpretations, sonic mutability that finds visual echo in the 12 postcards attached to the deluxe edition , from which all the vitality of a sensorial territory rich in ideas and suggestions emerges.