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Mirror Neurons on DER
CD + Digital – 500

Release Date April 21, 2015
Cover xx+xy visual

Bonus Video

All orders through DER’s Bandcamp will receive an excerpt of Mirror Neurons.
Visuals :  xx+xy visuals 
Sound : France Jobin and Fabio Perletta

A new release from Los Angeles based sound art and drone label Dragon’s Eye, and the debut from this Canadian/Italian duo. The title riffs off the name for the brain neurons involved in observing, understanding and copying others’ actions. There are parallels with the kinds of shared thinking involved in duo playing, though as it’s impossible to tell who’s doing what here, it’s hard to track how that plays out. The three tracks are constructed from the kind of infinitely quiet, dry and pure drones and pulses associated with Richard Chartier. The concept makes more sense applied to the ebb and flow of the record, with each piece having the organic, unfolding structure of Rolf Julius recording. But there’s traces of menace in the occasional higher volume bumps and glitches and the piercingly high, quiet sine tones that thread through “Reflection”.

Dan Barrow