review – 29 Palms (der) 2010 – by Adrian Dziewanski – Scrapyard forecast

29 Palms, i8u on Dragon’s Eye Recordings

I was initially introduced to Jobin’s work under the i8u guise from her contribution to the magnificent Physical, Absent, Tangible compilation released on Richard Garet’s own Contour Editions label (read my review). Expanding greatly on that comp track, 29 Palms is a 41 minute piece for field recordings, processing and analog gear that remains true to the austerity of past i8u releases yet feels more of an organic effort. The effervescent drones that fill in the space between Jobin’s clinical frequencies during the latter half of the composition are especially note worthy, reminiscent of John Duncan’s Phantom Broadcast. Very nice.

Jobin’s pacing remains quite brilliant throughout, especially evident in the very quiet midsection, where one has to remain focused to discern for changes, and although subtle, they are there. The choice to opt for more lower range frequencies as opposed to ear splitting highs – highs that I’ve heard Jobin achieve in the past – works to her advantage here. Some of those high frequencies make themselves known though are rarely at the center of attention, existing more as appendages to a wider body of sound. Simple yet elegant packaging, edition of 200.