SoundFjord.Hlysnan: i8u Feb.13.11

SoundFjord.Hlysnan: i8u

Hlysnan is SoundFjord’s monthly deep listening event. Bring your ears to the gallery to explore the world of sound is all its facets, guises and surprises! Experience new works from renowned and experienced artists as well as new blood. (Hear their works contextualized next to the sound art
work and experiments that informed their practice). An intense session of listening with the chance for questions and answers afterwards.

SoundFjord.Hlysnan: i8u
Audio Screening
Date:  Sunday 13 February 2011 | 6-8pm
Unit 3b – Studio 28 | 28 Lawrence Road | London | N15 4ER | UK
Doors: 5:40pm
Entry:  £2 |

During the two-hour screening, the playlist you will hear is the result of four-month’s research though the i8u musical archive. The purpose of the research was simply to weave together a series of tracks to create a fitting atmosphere for immerson1: “two “consuming” evenings of minimal sound art… in which both artists and audience are mutually drawn into the same heights and depths of the sonic/emotional spectrum.” as i8u eloquently states.

The works you will hear are to be felt as well as heard.

The criteria for i8u’s choices are based on the sensitivity of the music, the unique identity of each artist and the immersion quality of each track. The order is designed to set the stage – sounds utilized as an introduction to the event that follow – whilst the conclusion to the evening is faded out elegantly, leaving room for the heart and mind to drift and dream into infinity.

By preparing the piece – stitching together works by various artists – i8u has discovered that although each work selected for her list may be appreciated independently, the entirety of the lengthy piece may be considered a work in its own right!

Along with the conceptual rigor and fine ear i8u has honed over the years, not only does she wish to stimulate the mind, the emotions and the body, she simply hopes you enjoy the work!

SoundFjord | London for contemporary sonic art and its research is a new gallery with research facilities, exhibition and intimate event space.

SoundFjord’s core activities are to act as a hub for practitioners and researchers, to provide a research and collaboration network for practitioners, and to deliver an exhibition and event programm rich in research-based, investigative and experimental sonic art from UK -based and international artists.

Using private initiative and funding, SoundFjord was primarily instigated to address the lack of exhibiting space exclusively for works of Sound Art. Now the gallery not only organizes exhibitions, but also documents all works for its Contemporary Sonic Art Archive (CSAA), assists with the development of
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SoundFjord mounts up to ten exhibitions annually, with an emphasis on sound and audio arts.  In order to encourage the widest possible access to and participation with and in its exhibition programm, SoundFjord provides information in a number of formats to assist those with specific sensory needs and
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immerson, is a concert event and philosophy initiated by France Jobin (i8u) which proposes to create a dedicated listening environment by focusing on the physical comfort of the audience through a specifically designed space. The premise for immerson is to seek out and explore new
perceptions and experiences within the listening process by pushing the notion of “immersion” to its possible limits.