event horizon at International Biennial of Contemporary Art ULA 2010 Merida State, Venezuela

EVENT HORIZON at Internatinal Biennal, Medira State, Venezuela

The International Biennial of Contemporary Art ULA-2010 will be the largest and most ambitious cultural event produced in Venezuela during the last decade. The Biennial will be held from October 15 to November 15, 2010. This year, we will commemorate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Universidad de Los Andes.

The Biennial will occur throughout the entire city of Mérida, Venezuela. We will employ all the University campus, as well as commercial areas (shopping malls, hotels, bookstores, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.); public spaces (streets, squares, cultural centers, facades, etc.); emblematic and historic buildings (such as the Academy of Merida and the Former Governors House, circa 1580), among others. Our goal is to activate different urban spaces that will enrich the cultural development of the colonial city of Mérida, promoting the massive attendance and participation of people.

The Direction Office is headed by Mr. Yucef Merhi, while the Executive Production is in charge of the architect Maria Alicia Sánchez. There are professionals from different faculties working with us, including scholars and specialists from the Department of Art History, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Architecture and the Centre of Aesthetics Research. In addition to the patronage of the University, we have the support of the Embassy of Spain, who is promoting the Biennial overseas.

Curated by Richard Garet

Sound Artist:  Kamran Sadeghi

Title: Micro Series
Duration: 3’45”
Year: 2007

Sound Artist: i8u

Title: Event Horizon
Duration: 20’
Year: 2009

Sound Artist: Keiko Uenishi

Title: Sora-Mimi-Mari
Duration: 16’41”
Year: 2010

Sound Artist: Richard Garet

Title: Subtracted
Duration: 14’28”
Year: 2008

Sound Artist: Zimoun
Collaborator: Helena Gough (Sounds by Helena Gough Composition by Zimoun)
Title: Untitled
Duration: 9’44”
Year: 2010

Sound Artist: Ben Owen

Title: Four
Duration:  11’52”
Year: 2010

Sound Artist: Ben Owen

Title: 91025-5-1556
Duration: 12’31”
Year: 2009

Sound Artist: Richard Garet

Title: White Marks on White
Duration: 12’55”
Year: 2009

Sound Artist: Michael Schumacher

Title: Eros-Ion
Duration: 17’52”
Year: 2009

Sound Artist: Bryan Eubanks

Title: Defractions
Duration: 12’26”
Year: 2010