Review – grasshopper morphine (Piehead Records) 2002 – by I. Khider, Exclaim

Abstract electronic that is sound sculpting at it’s most laceratingly delicate and refined, like a box of loose scalpel blades. Following the textural yet highly atmospheric release B, grasshopper morphine is intriguing and sometimes downright physically painful to listen to. Some of the frequencies are so delicate yet barbed that it feels as though the sensitive inner nerves of the ears are being plucked and pinched. It seems that I8U’s music grows increasingly complex and intricate with every release, her work demands the listener’s full attention and receptivity with the strength of the craft residing in subtleties and detail. grasshopper morphine is definitely I8U’s most challenging, yet also her most beautiful collection of sound sculptures. In order to fully appreciate this recording, an environment with minimal background noise is strongly recommended.
– I. Khider, Exclaim