Montreal 05.29.2009 – Mutek 2008

May 29, 2008

MUTEK 2008 | Open_Lab_Ouvert
Mutek is once again hosting Le Placard May 29th -30th 2008 @SAT
(see below for schedule)

Placard is a headphone concert festival, playing with concentration, intimacy,time warp,and teleportation.This year it goes on for 97 days non stop, in different cities. It functions under a mode of open program,open for headphone rooms to create performance spaces where performers are welcomed to perform. Both the headphoneroom ‘owner’ and the performers use the inscription site to self organize the global program. The placard ‘owner’ receives in his room performers who have submitted a inscription via the site , and streams the shows to the other headphonerooms either passive listeners or waiting to perform.The site is designed to simplify communication inbetween the performers and the organizers, using automatic emails notifying of incomming inscriptions , accepted deplaced or refused perfomances ; also notifying performers of the creation of headphonerooms in their city.

The ring has grown , last year quite a few new cities got involved ;( helsinki , stralsund , benicassim .. (link to last year’s archive) ) .This year has allready started with a few prologues (maybe a preview of what might be one day a non stop placard network) – one in berlin during club transmediale – one in bratislava – and one in bologna -(see pictures and line-ups here) The official placard festival opening will be in montreal for the mutek festival and then move on.

May 29th 2008 @ 15:20 (EDT)

i8u will present: 10-33 cm resonance

i8u’s audio is inspired by the concept of string theory; 10-33 cm being the theoretical size of the strings that makes up the universe. Resonance is the vibrational pattern, which determines what kind of particle the string is. The type of particle is the movement of the string and the energy associated with this movement.
The soundscapes created mirror our limited understanding and imagination of these strings as they slip in and out of the dimensions we are aware of.

Schedule Open_Lab_Ouvert:

May 29, 2008

.12:00 (EDT) .Element Kuuda
.12:40 (EDT) .Ghislain Roy
.13:20 (EDT) .Jim Bel
.14:00 (EDT) .Katherine Kline
.14:40 (EDT) .grkzg
.15:20 (EDT) .i8u
.16:00 (EDT) .David Kristian
.16:40 (EDT) .Nathan McNinch
.17:20 (EDT) .Wapstan. – .19-Jan-67
.18:00 (EDT) .Mark Templeton
.18:40 (EDT) .Ezekiel Honig
.19:20 (EDT) .Babin Magali
.20:00 (EDT) .Steve Bates
.20:40 (EDT) .Thierry Gauthie
.21:20 (EDT) .Victortronic
.22:00 (EDT) .Martine H. Crispo
.22:40 (EDT) .Le Rossignol et Lafrance
.23:20 (EDT) .Winston Phillips

May 30, 2008

.12:00 (EDT) .Orphx
.12:40 (EDT) .gmackrr
.13:20 (EDT) .kvik. – .sluiten
.14:00 (EDT) .Pon De Replay
.14:40 (EDT) .anne-f . Jacques
.15:20 (EDT) .Nicolas Dion
.16:00 (EDT) .AUN. – .MOTORSLEEP
.16:40 (EDT) .FSK 1138
.17:20 (EDT) .Nancy Tobin
.18:00 (EDT) .Szkieve
.18:40 (EDT) .le Peuplier de Simon
.19:20 (EDT) .Deluge
.20:00 (EDT) .des cailloux et du carbone
.20:40 (EDT) .Thames
.21:20 (EDT) .Matt Fuzz
.22:00 (EDT) .Vorpa
.22:40 (EDT) .Michel Pontbriand
.23:20 (EDT) .???

SAT, Société des arts technologiques
1195 boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montréal (Québec) H5B 1C2 Canada

Montreal 04.19.2008 – Etats Generaux

April 19, 2008


CQAM and the State of Affairs team have concocted a program that celebrates Media Arts. Four exciting evenings are in store from April 17th to 20th.


5 PM : Official opening ceremony in the Luce Guilbault Hall of the Cinémathèque québécoise with public partners, artists whose works are part of the retrospective and participants in a friendly, launch.

Claude-Jutra theatre, Cinémathèque québécoise.
Presented by Claude Forget, curator

Karaoké by Stéphane Lafleur
La main invisible by Sylvain L’Espérance
Du moteur à explosion by Dominic Gagnon

Free of charge for registered participants with a pass


Exhibition vernissage of New Media installations – Room R-515, National Library and Archives

Peter Flemming
Sofian Audry

Open to the public free of charge

Auditorium, National Library and Archives
Presented by Nicole Gingras, curator
Artists present

En decà du réel by Manon Labrecque
Oh la la du narratif by Sylvie Laliberté
Karaoke by Donigan Cumming
Stravaig by Nikki Forrest
Rut by Yudi Sewraj
Étincelante by Brigitte Lebrasseur
Site by A. Golden
« A » (comme aveugle) by Nicole Benoît
Sleeping Car by Monique Moumblow
Valo by Nelly-Ève Rajotte
Hernaford rd. or The Distance to Sleep by Rachel Echenberg
My Heart the Interior Decorator by Nelson Henricks
These days by Nathalie Bujold
Mystery and melancholy de Daniel Olson
Biotech by Mathieu Latulippe
Line Up by Julie-Christine Fortier
Karma by Chantal duPont

Open to the public free of charge


Auditorium, National Library and Archives
4 audio performances
Presented by Valérie Lamontagne, curator

Perfo 1. (DL) & 4. (JD), project by Martin Tétrault with audio contributions by Diane Morin, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Rober Racine and Manon Labrecque.


David Lafrance (experimental)
d Julie D (techno)

Open to the public free of charge
BAnQ – 475, Boul. de Maisonneuve Est,
Montreal, (Quebec) H2L 5C4


5 PM : Cocktail at the Society for Technology and Art – SAT)


Autoplayback – A performance by Jerôme Minière, accompanied by de Dan Popa

DJ Bliss

VJ Beewoo

Free of charge for participants with a pass. Otherwise, $15 contribution.

San Francisco 03.21.2008 – Listen/Vision

March 21, 2008
If you’re going to be in the SF Bay Area this month, we’d love to see you there… and VOLUME present

Friday, March 21st, 2008, 7-9pm
San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall
800 Chestnut St.
San Francisco, CA 94133

LISTEN/VISION is a unique series exploring the art of perception. It is a place and time for a shared experience of sound and light and space. VOLUME and have partnered to commission new and unreleased sound and video works from an international pool of acclaimed contemporary artists. These exclusive pieces, not to be found anywhere on the web or a CD, are presented in a collective listening environment. LISTEN/VISION will also host occasional live performances and multichannel sound installations.

For more information, visit and

The second installment of this series, LISTEN/VISION 02 will present ew work by Gregg Kowalsky, David Kwan , i8u and CHiKA, and Sawako.

Gregg Kowalsky
Rosebud for Red Magus, 2006 (18:17 min)
Kowalsky’s compositions range from drone and noise pieces to the psychedelic, which are highly influenced by the thick, humid air of South Florida where Gregg lived for most of his life. He is interested in filling the spaces his music occupies through dense, live mixes. He has composed for film, dance, acoustic ensembles and sound installations. Gregg’s debut full-length album, Through The Cardial Window was released on the Kranky label in Spring 2006. Gregg Kowalsky resides in Oakland, California where he completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College.

David Kwan
Solaris, 2006 (10:07 min)
Sound-generated video projections; dimensions and running time variable; video projection with sound. David Kwan composes soundscapes using live radio signals and feeds them into a customized video imaging system to reveal visual patterning and to electromagnetically alter their dimensions. The end result is an electronic form of painting that is constructed from sound but manifested as light.

Kwan has presented work at the Berkeley Art Museum, Pacific Film Archive, Headlands Center for the Arts, Artist Television Access, The Lab, and Mission 17 in San Francisco; Jack Straw New Media Gallery in Seattle; Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart; and Baracke am Deustchen Theater in Berlin. He received a BA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley and an MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College, where he has been teaching in music, art and intermedia.

i8u and CHiKA
Infinity02, 2008 (30:38 min)
Unlimited or unmeasurable in extent of space, duration of time: the infinite nature of the fabric of space. CHiKA uses minimal objects in two-dimensional space to create a video work invoking the feeling of the unlimited possibilities, approaching the unmeasureable nature of the infinite. I8u’s soundscapes inspired by the concept of string theory mirror our limited understanding and imagination of these strings as they slip in and out of the dimensions we are aware of. The audio and visual moves from a closed world with perspective as its corresponding symbolic form.

France Jobin aka i8u is a sound/installation/web artist residing in Montreal, Canada. i8u’s audio art can be qualified as “sound-sculpture.” It reveals powerful, opaque and complex sound environments where analog and digital meet. Her installation/web art can be said to follow a parallel path, incorporating both musical and visual elements.

Chika Iijima is a live computer visuals artist working within New York’s expanded cinema community and VJ scene. Her videos implement geometric minimalist patterns and original graphics in unique, repetitive combinations. Chika has performed at the Museum of Modern Art (New York), The Mapping Festival (Geneva), the Bushwick Art Project (Brooklyn, NY), and the clubs Galapagos and Tonic, both in New York.

Untitled, 2006 (15:18 min)
Sawako is a Tokyo/NYC-based sound sculptor who understands the value of dynamics and the power of silence. After beginning in video art, Sawako shifted her focus from the video camera to sound. Once through the processor named Sawako, sounds in everyday life – field recordings, instruments, voice and electronic sounds – float in space vividly with a digital yet organic texture. Her unique sonic world has been called “post romantic sound” by Boston’s Weekly Dig.

LISTEN/VISION 02 is $5 for the general public and free for S.F.A.I. students and faculty.

Vienna 02.19.2008 – V’elak-gala #30

v´elak-gala #30:19 / 02 / 2008 _ brut/Konzerthaus lothringerstr. 3; 1030 vienna

February 19, 2008

v´elak-gala #30:

i8u (Can)
Bernhard Gal
Greg Haines (Uk)
Bruzek / Schwab (v´elak)
Heribert Friedl

is a no-profit organisation/platform for artist who work in fields of experimental music, video, dance, performance etc.

one aspect is the organisation of the concert series “Elak-Gala”, which was originally founded by students from the inst. for electroacoustics of the univ. for music & interpretative arts of vienna, someday in late summer of 2004 ;
there have been 28 non-funded elak-galas on various places in vienna since then;
with 1st of jannuary 2008 we are supported by the ske-fonds -> so elak-gala became v´elak-gala.
Lothringerstrasse 3
1030 Vienna

Los Angeles 11.07.2007 Restless Brilliance

November 7th 2007

Hammer Presents
Restless Brilliance

Join us for two evenings exploring new trajectories in music and video. Showcasing new work in the emergent field of experimental electronic and audiovisual performance, Restless Brilliance presents artists that are blurring the lines between music, cinema, performance, and art.

October 23
William Basinski
Steve Roden
Screening: The Sound of Microclimates by Semiconductor

November 7
Taylor Deupree
Christopher Willits
i8u & CHiKA
Screening: RHYTHM EXP by Frank Bretschneider

Restless Brilliance is curated by Volume

Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024

The Museum is located at the northeast corner of Westwood and Wilshire Boulevards in Westwood Village, 3 blocks east of the 405 freeway’s Wilshire Boulevard exit.

Nordwolle Germany 09.22.2007 – MenschMeerMedien

September 22nd  2007


The MenschMeerMedien Festival takes part at the old industry culture site Nordwolle in the middle of Europe, which was a famous woolmill in the time of industrialization. Between the red brick stone fassades, towers and bridges and in the old steam-machine-hall visitors will find actual media art from artists in Germany, Poland and the U.S..

Theremin Concerts
Electronic Live Concerts
Electro Sound
Fassade Projections
VJ + Video Art

Live Concerts: Barbara Buchholz (Berlin)
Mikro Orchestra (Breslau)

Interactive-Media-Art: BNC (SHARE.bremen)

Eric Dunlap + Holly Daggers (New York)
ChiKa Iijima (New York) + i8u (Canada)

Live Electro Sound: Axel Himmelmann (Bremen)
Andreas Genz (Bremen)

Live classic canto: Dorothea Wegelein (Bremen)
Lidia Visconti (Berlin/ Danzig)

VJ+Video Art: Dan Winkler ( SHARE.newyork)
Pedda Borowski (Berlin)
Swaantje König (Dresden)
Adam Witkowski (Danzig)
Maciej Szupica (Danzig)
VJane Danuzja (Danzig)
Agata Michowska (Posen)

Light-Installations Franz Betz (Hannover)

22. September 8p.m. – 12 p.m.
Nordwolle Delmenhorst
Am Turbinenhaus 10-12
27749 Delmenhorst

Curator: Martin Koplin, Magda Ziomek-Beims

A project by: M2C – mobile2culture Institute Bremen, SHARE.bremen, Nordwestdeutsches Museum fuer IndustrieKultur, agitPolska, Kulturbuero Delmenhorst

Montreal 09.15.2007 – Peau d’âne


Peau d’âne by Valérie Lamontagne

Audio track,  i8u
Fashion designs, Lynn van Gastel
Technical development and project programming, Patrice Coulombe and David Beaulieu


September 15 to October 20, 2007 @ Oboro
Opening: Saturday, September 15, 2007, at 5:00 pm
the dresses will be presented from 6:00 to 7:00 pm
The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, from noon to 5:00 pm


Story Time: Peau d’âne
Saturday, September 29, 2007, at 3:00 pm
as part of the Journées de la culture

From the Charles Perrault fairy tale Peau d’âne, Valérie
Lamontagne draws on the motif of three fabulous dresses: one
made out of moonbeams, one as warm and bright as the sun
above and one cut out of the sky itself. Using innovative technologies
and working with experienced collaborators, the artist has
created three interactive dresses that react in real-time to atmospheric
variations transmitted by a weather station installed on
OBORO’s roof. The colours of the moon dress vary according to
the moon cycles; the illumination of the sun dress corresponds
to the intensity of the sun’s rays; and the sky dress swells and
moves depending on the patterns of the wind. By making use
of climate conditions in this manner, Peau d’âne addresses with
an apparently banal subject matter, but one that hides valuable
clues to our modes of cultural and social exchange. A multitude
of performance possibilities emerge from these wearables,
which bridge the worlds of fairy tales and technology.
At the opening, three dancers will wear the interactive dresses
and mingle with the gallery public. The dresses will also animate
the reading of Perrault’s fairy-tale Peau d’âne, presented by the
artist for the Journées de la culture.

Valérie Lamontagne is a Montréal-based performance/digital media
artist, freelance art critic and independent curator. Her media-based
artwork/performances (Advice Bunny, Snowflake Queen, Sense Nurse,
Mermaid of the Future, Sister Valerie of the Internet and Becoming
Balthus) have been showcased across Canada, the United States and
Europe. She received an MFA from Concordia University (Montréal)
where she presently teaches in the Design and Computation Arts
program and she is a co-founder, with Brad Todd, of the media arts
collective MobileGaze. She is presently a Ph.D. Candidate investigating
“Relational and Ubiquitous Performance Art”. <>
– 30 –
Source : Caroline Loncol Daigneault, August 29th, 2007
OBORO remercie ses membres pour leur appui, ainsi que les organismes suivants pour leur généreux soutien financier : le service des arts médiatiques et le service des arts visuels du Conseil des Arts du Canada, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec,
le Conseil des arts de Montréal, le ministère du Patrimoine canadien, le ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec, la Fondation Daniel Langlois, pour l’art, la science et la technologie, Emploi-Québec, le Service du développement culturel et
de la qualité du milieu de vie de la Ville de Montréal, la Caisse populaire Desjardins du Mont-Royal, le Cirque du Soleil, ainsi que les compagnies Discreet, Adobe, Computer Systems Odessa et Metric Halo.
Valérie Lamontagne – Peau d’âne
sun dress. image : Giannina Urmeneta Uttiker, 2006

Valérie Lamontagne would like to thank the Conseil des arts et des lettres
du Québec and Groupe Molior for their generous support as well as Lynn
van Gastel for the fashion designs, Patrice Coulombe and David Beaulieu
for their technical development and project programing and I8U for the
audio track.

un centre dédié à la production et à la présentation de l’art, des pratiques contemporaines et des nouveaux médias
a centre dedicated to the production and the presentation of art, contemporary practices and new media
4001, rue Berri, local 301, Montréal (Québec) H2L 4H2 Tél. : (514) 844-3250

Montreal 09.05.2007 – Espace SONO

September 5th  2007

How does one exhibit the unseen? Can sound, too, be experienced
as an art, or is it always submitted to the sign of music?

The espaceSONO audio.listening.lab is a headphone listening space, a
sound-installation, and a global curatorial project that reflects the
diversity of approaches and practices in sound-art today.


curator / commissaire _ tobias c. van Veen

GALERIE_ HORAIRE [free/gratuit]
Lundi _ Mardi (Fermé / Closed)
Mercredi _ Vendredi (14H – 20H)
Samedi _ Dimanche (12H – 18H

Review – Extract, Portrait of Soundartists(nvo) 2007 – by Heinrich Deisl, skug

Das Wiener Label Nonvisualobjects legt mit “Extract. Portraits of Soundartists” als formschönes Buch plus DCD akustische Fährten Richtung Mikrosounds und schickt die Ohren auf Entdeckungsreise.
Stille: Spätestens seit John Cage eine ernstzunehmende kompositorische Praxis, von David Toop und anderen kontextualisiert, eine Art Gegenbewegung innerhalb experimenteller Soundart, die zum aktiven Zuhören zwingt. Die minimalisierten Soundcluster und -flächen gehen zwar schon als eigenständige Musik durch, dienen aber vor allem als Transportmedium, um die uns umgebenden Alltagsgeräusche musikalisch bewusster wahrzunehmen.
Bislang fehlte eine österreichische VÖ mit internationaler Relevanz, die sich ausschließlich mit derartigen Phänomenen auseinandersetzt. Nonvisualobjects war 2005 vom Musiker Heribert Friedl und dem Grafiker Raphael Moser gegründet worden. Von Anfang an hatte man sich dabei auf Sounds zwischen Installation, Ambient, Fieldrecordings und Stille verlegt, die Arbeitsmethode ist programmatisch: Reduktion. Experimente e-musikalischer Prägung stehen hier an, als Fluchtlinie sei etwa Bernhard Günter genannt.
Die 22 Tracks von Richard Cartier, Nao Sugimoto, Taylor Duprée, Steinbrüchel, Asmus Tietchens, Jos Smolders und klarerweise Günter und Friedl erforschen jene Klangfelder, die sich sozusagen hinter der Musik aufhalten. Mit der aus Montréal stammenden France Jobin aka I8U ist die einzige Frau auf dieser Compilation vertreten. Wenn auch in sich recht stringent, verzichtet dieser “Beginner’s Guide” auf überbordende Theoretisierungen sondern verlegt sich auf die Personen selbst. Ein löbliches Unterfangen, wenn man endlich mal erfährt, wie eben diese Musik entsteht. “Extract” zeichnet ein vielschichtiges Portrait der Künstler und ihrer interdisziplinären Herangehensweise, die sich vor allem an der Schnittstelle zwischen akustischer/visueller Präsenz/Absenz manifestiert. Dies passiert mittels Interviews, eigenen Texten oder biografischen Skizzen, dazu kommen selektierte Diskografien. Schließlich ist “Extract” reich illustriert mit Projektfotos, Grafiken, Zeichnungen und John Hudak liefert Comics ab. Ambitioniertes Projekt.
(heinrich deisl, skug)

Review – Extract, Portrait of Soundartists(nvo) 2007 – by Massimo Ricci, touching extremes

EXTRACT (2CD + book by Non Visual Objects)

The thought of having passed a whole life transferring tapes to CD and DVD only to clutch at flies at the end is enough to think of myself as a cretin but hey, one has to find something to “enjoy the passage of time”, as James Taylor would have it. Seriously, once upon a time I could only have dreamed about a honest publication containing news and pictures about artists whose music I follow and mostly respect, and that in this case are sonically represented by two CDs containing tracks that they recorded for this special occasion.
The names in question are Keith Berry, Richard Chartier, Taylor Deupree, Heribert Friedl, Richard Garet, Andy Graydon, Bernhard Günter, John Hudak, i8u, Dean King, Dale Lloyd, Roel Meelkop, Will Montgomery, Tomas Phillips, Steve Roden, Jos Smolders, Steinbrüchel, Nao Sugimoto, Asmus Tietchens, Toshiya Tsunoda, Ubeboet, Michael Vorfeld.

Every chapter presents an interview or some personal considerations by the artist about his own work and his/her relationships with other members of the same community. Most of them describe their approach and influences, others let drawings and photographs do the speaking while only a few – like Keith Berry, whose splendid track opens the first disc – report about the intimate sensations that unconsciously introduced them to certain types of withdrawn awareness. It is of course very interesting to know how these people have reached goals while still struggling to develop new means to synthesize determinate conclusions, but it’s equally nice reading about a man like Asmus Tietchens, who distances himself from most everything while being capable of producing music whose level of efficacy on the perceptive system is portentous to say the least.

The discs contain a lot of great moments, the perfect means to complement a very useful reading, and there is no actual sense in defining a “best of”. But, since you asked, Berry, Deupree, Lloyd, Roden, Tietchens and Ubeboet are the tracks that I liked in particular, and it was not an easy choice. What I really suggest is using both the book and the CDs like a breviary: open your windows, turn the volume up, let the sounds mix and read a few pages. Everything will make sense then.
(massimo ricci, touching extremes)