Montreal 11.03.20001 – Monument du Vide

November 3rd & 4th, 2001

(Alliance for the circulation of art)

Monument du Vide – a work-in-progress
i8u and Claire Piché will be  providing the audio portion of Marie-Christiane Mathieu’s ambitious two-day project where artists, located in 4 laboratories in Montreal will be creating online web art by exchanging files and manipulating them.  The public is invited to log on to and for hourly updates, or to simply drop in at any of the laboratories to watch the artists “perform” this virtual piece live.

Montreal 08.19.2001 – ViscousCity: thick sound for hot people”

Sunday August 19th, 2001

An all-women netjam curated as part of Les états nocturnes: a media arts event by Videographe, presented by Studio XX in collaboration with ORF Kunstradio and Radio OZOne.

Anna Friz and I8U go live in Lafontaine Park, Montreal,  with remote participants in Riga, Latvia, Graz , Austria (Reni Hofmueller), and Vienna, Austria (sonomat beta).

“ViscousCity: thick sound for hot people”