Michelangelo Antonioni – Trilogy And Epilogue on and/oar

The third and perhaps final project in the film director series which began with
“Andrei Tarkovsky – Another Kind Of Language” and “Yasujiro Ozu –
Hitokomakura”. “Michelangelo Antonioni – Trilogy And Epilogue” focuses upon
the Italian auteur’s landmark “tetralogy” of films L’Avventura (1960), La Notte
(1961), L’Eclisse (1962) and IlDeserto Rosso (1963).

Antonioni was known for not being very keen to use music in his films,
partially because he wanted the films to tell their stories free from “additional
gloss”. Therefore music was sparsely used – if at all. Antonioni considered the
natural sounds or “background noises” of a film to be of enormous importance,
and considered them to be the “true music” of a film. Obviously Antonioni’s
view resonates with and/OAR since environmental sound has always been it’s
main focus, and is one of the reasons why he was chosen for this project over
other film directors. Composer Giovanni Fusco, whose music is (more or less)
featured in most of Antonioni’s films from the late 1950s to the early ’60s said,
“the first rule for any musician who intends to collaborate with Antonioni, is to
forget that he is a musician!”

Yet, there is another composer who Antonioni worked with, that this project
seeks to acknowledge and pay subtle homage to in addition to the director
himself; because if it were not for his inspirational and pioneering minimal
electronic music featured in “Deserto Rosso”, this project might not have
come together at all: Vittorio Gelmetti. Gelmetti’s electronic work consistently
came to mind during the planning stages of this project, and his influence can
indeed be heard throughout this release.

CD 1

03. MARC BEHRENS  6:24
04. ROEL MEELKOP  6:06
08. BEN OWEN  6:32
10. ASHER  6:30
11. PALI MEURSAULT  (with Ici-Même)  6:36
12. EKG  (Kyle Bruckmann & Ernst Karel)  7:46

CD 2

01. DALE LLOYD  1:27
04. ALAN COURTIS  4:13
05. LUIGI TURRA  6:11
06. I8U  6:17
09. JASON KAHN  5:33
10. FHIEVEL  6:02

TOTAL TIME: 2 hours, 17 minutes and 12 seconds.

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ESSMAA on tsuku boshi


ESSMAA is a collection of audio works reinterpreting the Tunis local tones
by an international array of sound artists.
ESSMAA includes exclusive new works created especially for this release.

Dumping in the local tones, the disorder of the distribution or the
understanding of the musical reins and the daily tones, the invited
musicians create a space in suspension, their space of interpretation.
More really “here” (the place of recording, the place of life of the
auditors to whom this disk will be offered), but certainly “not over
there” (the place of composition of the musicians), the listener ( re ) –
builds a unique and personal perception, by assemblies of small parts of
his aural memory.”Essmaa” (“Listen” to in Arabic) proposes a temporary
intersection between the outside and the ” daily initial bubble “. An
experience of listening.. An intervention extern for a second reading of
the everyday life. An awareness of the immediate sound environment, its
atmosphere and its impact..

Artist : Scanner, DJ Olive, Leafcutter John, Mokuhen, Sutekh, Dino Felipe,
Lodz, Discipline, Sébastien Roux,Yannick Franck, Christophe Bailleau, DJ
Elephant Power, Uske Orchestra, Mathias Deplanque, Rainer Lericolais +
David Sanson, i8u, E.D.H, O Lamm, Hypo, Greg Davis, Alexander Rishaug, Dj
Sun Papa … and more

Septembre 2010 Compilation offered in the context of F.E.S.T.
(Festival Echos Sonores de Tunis) 2010 an the project E-FEST initiated
by l’association Echos Electriques in partnership with Transcultures,
Gummi and the Goethe Institute of Tunis (with the support of the Commission
Européenne – programme Culture Europe 2007-2013 volet coopération pays


Label : Tsuku Boshi record

ROOM40 Sampler – The Wire (2010)

An exclusive interwoven collage from the Antipodean imprint ROOM40, this free CD documents past, present and future sounds. Curated by Lawrence English with contributions from Chris Abrahams, Asher, Candlesnuffer, John Chantler, Mike Cooper, Leighton Craig, Greg Davis, Taylor Deupree, DJ Olive, DNE, Robin Fox, Reinhold Friedl & Michael Vorfeld, Ben Frost, Grouper, Chihei Hatakeyama, Tim Hecker, I8U, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Jeph Jerman, Ulrich Krieger, Erik M, Tujiko Noriko, Pimmon, Sebastien Roux, Matt Rösner, Philip Samartzis, Janek Schaefer, Steinbrüchel, Tenniscoats, Zane Trow, James Webb and Xiu Xiu.

Given away free to all print subscribers with this month’s September issue.

Album – Comp – Untitled 10 – Various Artists on Untitled & After (2010)

| CD | UntitledandAfter | compilation

Various artists – Untitled 10


Morgan Packard – Apple Pie
Robert Crouch – 5th of July
Andrew Duke + i8u – Hovercraft
Andrew Duke + i8u – Hovercraft (Chaircrusher Remix)
Birdcage – When Dream and Day Unite
Bizz Circuits – mouvement aérien
sublamp – andamurmur
Jondi & Spesh with Brian Stillwater – Big Air (Ambient Mix)
Robert Crouch / Yann Novak – Santa Fe
Leyland Kirby – Ready To Go Down Together
Artwork by Marc Kate


For its tenth release, Untitled & After issues a compilation of music that seeks solace in the outer reaches of electronic music. Akin to Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, Untitled 10 (The Black Album) pulls away from the structures of techno into more expansive terrain.
Collected from artists as diverse as Bizz Circuits and Morgan Packard, from locations as distant as Sapporo, Los Angeles and Berlin, Untitled 10 (The Black Album) is a meditation on the tension between force and fragility. An extension of the beat driven roots of Untitled & After, this compilation revels in the paranoid spaciousness of dub, the personal documents of field recordings and the otherworldliness of soft synthesis. Here, ambient is not a genre, but a timeless, spaceless moment. Untitled 10 (The Black Album) attempts the impossible by documenting something so fleeting.

flowers on DER (2010)

January 1.10

Various Artists | Flowers: Dragon’s Eye Fourth Anniversary
de6006 | 56:32 | MP3 | Open Edition


1. Shinkei – Wu (for Luigi)
2. i8u – Gallowalking
3. Pierre Gerard – Lines/Lignes
4. Tomas Phillips – Tablature I
5. Yann Novak – Shortwaves to Longwaves
6. Celer – A Lifetime of Wasted Breaths
7. Wyndel Hunt – Rotation

Over the past 4 years, Dragon’s Eye Recordings has come to be a trusted resource where listeners can be exposed to emerging and mid-carrier artists in the field of contemporary electronic music and sound art. Named one of Textura’s ‘Top Ten Favorite Labels of 2009,’ Dragon’s Eye is kicking off 2010 with a free downloadable compilation.

Flowers are the traditional gift for a fourth anniversary and Flowers is Dragon’s Eye Recordings fourth anniversary compilation. On Flowers, Dragon’s Eye presents new and unreleased works by the upcoming 2010 roster of artists. The 2010 roster represents both newcomers and veterans of the label that are at the forefront of contemporary electronic music and sound art.

About The Artists

David Sani (Shinkei) was born in 1968 in the heart of Tuscany, Siena. In 2000 he started Microsuoni, mail-order and distribution of sound-art, focused mainly on minimalism in all its forms. After the encounter with composer Luigi Turra in 2008, they founded the Koyuki label, devoted to publish lowercase and minimal sound compositions in limited edition cds or digital downloads.

The debut of the label coincided with the first Shinkei cd release “Binaural Beats” a split with canadian artist Philip Lemieux. Other recent works are “Biostatics” for the Transparent Radiation series on Bremsstrahlung, “Hidamari|Metrics” a split release with FOURM, and the first collaboration with Turra, YU for the austrian NonVisualObjects label.

France Jobin aka i8u (b. 1958) is a sound / installation / web artist residing in Montreal, Canada. i8u’s audio art can be qualified as “sound-sculpture”. It reveals powerful, opaque and complex sound environments where analog and digital meet. Her installation/web art can be said to follow a parallel path, incorporating both musical and visual elements.

i8u has created solo recordings for ROOM40 (Australia), bake/staalplaat (Netherlands), as well as many collaborations notably with Goem, Martin Tétreault, David Kristian and recently the album “ligne” with Tomas Phillips, on the Japanese label, ATAK. She produced compilations tracks for ATAK (Japan), bremsstrahlung (USA), Mutek (Canada) and Extract,Portraits of Soundartists (book + 2 cd) on the label nonvisualobjects (Austria).

She has participated in various music and new technology festivals Canada, Europe and the United States such as such as Silophone (Montréal, 2000), Mutek (Montréal, 2001, 2004, 2005,2007, 2008, 2009), Le Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (2002), Ver Uit de Maat (Rotterdam, 2002), SEND + RECEIVE (Winnipeg, 2003, 2005), Les Digitales (Bruxelles, 2004 ), Club Transmediale (Berlin, 2004), V’elak (Vienna, 2008), Shut up and Listen (Vienna 2009) as well as a soundtrack by Bubblyfish and i8u for the movie Swordswoman of Huangjiang / Huangjiang Nuxia presented at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater Festival : Heroic Grace : The Chinese Martial Arts Film.

She collaborates with New York visual artist CHiKA, “Infinity”, an audio/video piece was performed live at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and a screening was shown at the San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall, both events were curated by VOLUME. A façade projection also showcased this work at the MenschMeerMedien in Nordwolle, Germany. A recent new collaboration with artist and musician Cédrick Eymenier (France), has produced the work “event horizon”.

i8u’s web work/installations have been shown at Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Toronto’s Images independent film festival at MIVEAM 06. The AIR Artist-In- Residence program in Krems Austria enabled her to create “und transit”, a sound installation set in the cloister of MinoritenKirche in Stein, Austria.

Her work continues to evolve as technologies enable her to create in new environments.

Pierre Gerard (b.1966)
High School of Art (1985-1989), studied in particular the drawing and the engraving on copper and zinc.
(1995) A great interest for contemporary art, initially making research in figurative painting.
(1998) Abstract research in sculpture with materials of daily life.
(2000) Interest in the video and furniture.
(2003) After long research, I am finally able to approach my desire to make music,
a new step towards work without palpable matter, firstly with objects and field recording.
Since (2006) I returned to my first research by using the instruments.
In october (2009), began a new research work on abstract painting.

Tomas Phillips (b. 1969) is a composer, novelist, and teacher whose sound work focuses on improvisational performance and minimalist through-composition. He began composing electronic music in the early 1990s, releasing limited edition cd-rs, most notably under the moniker Eto Ami (with Dean King), and has since created music for installations and collaborations in dance and theatre. Labels to release his music include Trente Oiseaux, Line, Non Visual Objects, and Koyuki. Tomas has taught in the disciplines of literature and fine arts at various universities in the US, Québec, and Finland. Having completed an interdisciplinary PhD at Concordia University in Montréal, he currently lives in the US, where he teaches literature at North Carolina State University.

Yann Novak (b. 1979 Madison, WI) is a sound artist, composer and designer based in Los Angeles. His compositions have been published by Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), Dulcett Records (US), The Henry Art Gallery (US), Infrequency (CA), Mandorla (MX) and smlEditions (US). His work utilizes different forms of digital documentation as a point of departure. Through the digital manipulation of these sound and image files, his works serve as a translation from documents of personal experiences into new compositions fueled by the original experience.

Novak’s installations and performances have been presented internationally at prestigious events and venues including American Academy in Rome (Rome, Italy), Blim (Vancouver, BC), Decibel Festival (WA), Ersta Konsthall (Stokholm, Sweden), Fiske Planitarium (CO), Henry Art Gallery (WA), Hit Art Space (Gothenburg, Sweden), Kasini House (VT), Las Cienegas Project (CA), Lawrimore Project (WA), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (CA), Mutek Festival (Montreal, QB), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (CA), Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (WA), Soundwalk (CA), Suyama Space (WA), TBA Festival (OR) and Western Bridge (WA).

As a result of these endeavors, Novak had been invited to numerous Residencies including Environmental Aesthetics Residency (WA), Espy Foundation Residency (WA), and Kasini House Studio A Residency (VT).

In 2005, Novak re-launched his father’s Dragon’s Eye Recordings imprint with a new focus on limited edition releases by emerging and mid-carrier sound artists, composers and producers. Since its re-launch, Dragon’s Eye Recordings has published over 25 releases and has received critical acclaim.

In recent years Novak has collaborated through select installation, performance and recorded work with Gretchen Bennett, Brittle Stars, Crispin Spaeth Dance Group, Jamie Drouin, Marc Manning, Brian Murphy, Alex Schweder and Tiny Vipers.

Celer is the sound, visual, literary, and artistic endeavor of the husband and wife duo of Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long. Danielle was a teacher of special education and music therapy, a seasoned and published writer of poetry and prose, a painter, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, also recording as Chubby Wolf. She had an extensive background in Gender Studies, Education, Basque History, Photography, and Tibetan Studies, as well as having lived in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States. She passed away on July 8, 2009 of heart failure.

Will is a published writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, having studied English, History, Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Literature, with a basic background in music. Will and Dani met each other in 2001, and remained close friends until 2006, when they became a couple. At this time they also began Celer, which had been up until this time a constant exchange of letters, music, and love. They were married in March of 2007.

In Will and Dani’s time together, they produced numerous custom, handmade self-releases, sound for installations and art exhibitions, as well as creating works for independent labels in North America, Japan, and Europe. Their intent was producing works that reflect the sincere nature and importance of love, the impermanence of life, and the spirit of togetherness, through a relative and absolute symposium of expression.

As of July 2009, all production of new works is ended. However, works completed before this time will continued to be published, as of which there are many, and will appear on many labels worldwide, as well as some to be self-published in the future. While an end to new production of works was not wished, it was necessary, as Celer was, and will always be Dani and Will.

Wyndel Hunt integrates melody and noise using electronics, acoustic instruments, field recordings, and the occasional piece of amplified trash. His recent work focuses on conceiving narrative, painting, and sculpture as analogues for structuring composition and shaping sound. Since 2005 he has presented his work in galleries, public spaces, and live venues alone and in collaboration with visual artists. He currently lives in Seattle.

About Dragon’s Eye Recordings

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is the imprint run by sound artist Yann Novak. Focusing on limited edition releases by emerging and mid-carrier sound artists, composers and producers, Dragon’s Eye’s goal is to foster personal and artistic relationships with its artists and to function as a meeting ground for its artists to further develop relationships with one another. The curation of the imprint by Novak is done primarily through real world relationships, with some virtual exceptions. By focusing on human interactions and talent, rather than style or genre, Dragon’s Eye’s catalogue has slowly become a melting pot of sounds, processes and practices.

Dragon’s Eye values interconnectedness and encourages it by offering its artists a chance to showcase their own visual concepts, commission artists they have worked with, or recruit Dragon’s Eye’s partners to help create the visual representations for their releases. Through these practices, Dragon’s Eye offers a more personal presentation of its artists for their audience and creates a catalogue that is diverse yet bonded through human collaboration.

Dragon’s Eye Recordings was originally founded by Paul Novak, (Yann Novak’s father), in 1989 as the audio/visual arm of Only Connect…Publications.  Paul was and still is a bread baker and avid record collector. Only Connect…Publications was his first venture to self-publish his bread recipes. Through his new publishing company, Paul designed his book on a Apple Plus computer, commissioned a friend and artist to create the painting for the cover, and recruited a musician to compose an original work to accompany bread making.  Due to his love and passion for both music and record collecting, Paul created Dragon’s Eye Recordings to compliment his publishing company. All of these pursuits had a strong impact on his son who would later relaunch the label in 2005 and try to stay true to these communal values endowed in the label.

Send+Receive 10 years of sounds (2009)

send + receive’s 10th Anniversary audio + video DVD set,
featuring select performances from the past ten years of  send + receive’s remarkable history, extensive liner notes by festival founder Steve Bates, and a feature-length documentary about the festival by Winnipeg filmmaker/writer Caelum Vatnsdal.

Spellewauerynsherde Interpretations Various Sundry (2007)

June 2007

With the hope of being able to bypass the traditional commercial aspects of a recording label TRANS>PARENT RADIATION was formed in 2005 as a web-based sub-label of bremsstrahlung recordings. The releases are made available for free download for a period of time and then taken down and released as limited edition CDRs.

We are please to announce our first physical CDR.

TRANS001 Spellewauerynsherde, Interpretations Various & Sundry
Release date: 070621
Price: $9 ­ including shipping
Order direct: www.bremsstrahlung-recordings.org

Utilizing source material taken from found reel to reel recordings of Icelandic a capella lament songs made in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s 10 sound artists interpret these haunting sounds in their compositions. A CD LP by Akira Rabelais based on this source material can be found at Samadhi Sound. Reworkers include Fennesz, Kit Clayton, Taylor Deupree, Steve Roden, Stephen Mathieu, I8U and others.

The packaging includes a self-latching CD case created from a custom die-cut and the cover is hand stamped. It is a limited edition of 100 and will not be reissued. The CDRs themselves are labeled via the heat transfer process rather than inkjet printing to ensure text durability. The CDRs are silver on both sides. To view packaging click here

josh russell


Hmmm Remix (2007)

Hmmm Remix

Humans and computers.
Organic and digital.
Soothing and stimulating.

Ahypnotic assortment of styles and approaches of digital composition byelectronic artists around the globe; each artist remixing the same 5minute recording of an intimate group of singers humming together.Luminaries in the field such as:

Kathy Kennedy + David Gutnick, Hélène Prévost, Steve McLeod, Austistici, Thanos Chrysakis, Francisco Lopez,
Margaret Schedel, Jonas Olesen, Bryce Beverlin 11,  Magali Babin, Kim Cascone, Doug Van Nort and .i8u.

HMMM Remix Compilation is part of a multi-layered project by sound artist Kathy Kennedy. It will culminate in a sonic tsunami, an event that will take place on St. Laurent st. between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal on sat.June 16, from 3:30-4pm. We hope to hear the voices of 5000 citizens united by the sound of humming. For more info about this spectacular endeavour see:


Extract -Portrait of Soundartists on nvo (2007)

EXTRACT-Portraits of Soundartists (book + 2 cd)
| CD | Nonvisualobjects | compilation

EXTRACT contains interviews,
essays, photos, drawings
and 22 tracks by:

Keith Berry, Richard Chartier, Taylor Deupree, Heribert Friedl,
Richard Garet, Andy Graydon, Bernhard Günter, John Hudak, I8U,
Dean King, Dale Lloyd, Roel Meelkop, Will Montgomery, Tomas Philips,
Steve Roden, Jos Smolders, Steinbrüchel, Nao Sugimoto (aka mondii),
Asmus Tietchens, Toshiya Tsunoda, Ubeboet and Michael Vorfeld.