Tracing the Invisible at ACP, Sydney, Australia

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Tracing the Invisible by Riley Post Audio tracks by: Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Pattern 4 Svarte Greiner – Final Sleep Edgard Varèse – Poème électronique i8u – higgs released

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Vienna 08.01.2011 digital : an audiovisual love affair presents: the world premiere of the installation – featuring excerpt from a release by i8u, und transit on non visual objects

Montreal 01.21.2010 – The Calendar Project

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Calendar is a year-long, in situ performance series starting in January 2010 comprised of 12 events – one a month for the entire year. The series draws its inspiration from the seasonal shifts and cycles of the natural world.

Krems Austria 12.15.2009 – und transit

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We all have a capacity to ignore the space we must use to get to our destination. Like most passage ways, they are a means to an end and rarely are treated as an end in itself.

Nordwolle Germany 09.22.2007 – MenschMeerMedien

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Montreal 09.15.2007 – Peau d’âne

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Peau d’âne by Valérie Lamontagne

Audio track, i8u
Fashion designs, Lynn van Gastel
Technical development and project programming, Patrice Coulombe and David Beaulieu

Montreal 09.05.2007 – Espace SONO

Sep. 5, 2007 by

How does one exhibit the unseen? Can sound, too, be experienced as an art, or is it always submitted to the sign of music?

Montreal 03.12.205 – Proximité

Mar. 10, 2005 by

Proximité is a collection of tracks that have been released on Canadian and European labels as well as unreleased tracks including the only collaboration of this catalogue recorded with artist Akira Rabelais.

Montreal 09.20.2004 -Burden

Sep. 20, 2004 by

i8u drew inspiration from Nietzshe’s “the methamotphosis of the soul” from the book Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Quebec 11.03.2002 – ISU by i8u

Nov. 13, 2002 by

Ǐ S ϋ is a web art project by I8U, in the context of the “Ellipse” exhibit, at the Musée du Québec. It was officially launched November 13th 2002, at the Grand Hall of the Musée du Québec.