DJs R’ Us

DJs R’ Us

June 8th 2002,  Montreal, Canada

Panacea, Scott Brown, Maüs, Iznogood, DJ Mutante, Totem, Stabba, Psyko Le Punk, D-Joos, Splash, Stalker, Translance, David Kristian, Martin Tétreault, Mitchell Akiyama, i8u, Dj Pocket….


obstacle by i8u

Obstacle was curated by Nicole Gingras
and produced by GIV (Groupe Intervention Video).

Obstacle is a project elaborated on the structure and function
of bridges as metaphor for possible networks
and eventual links between ideas, concepts and between human beings.

“The elements used in this project, be it sound, be it visual are all derived from bridges and manipulated to an abstract form of fluidity which reflects my obsession for transitions.”

Exhibit Requirements:
Macromedia Flash Player 5 or higher
High Speed Internet (DSL/Cable Modem)
Headphones are highly recommended
Screen 800 x 600

Approx High Speed Loading time: 5 seconds

Victoriaville 05.17.2002 – Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville

Festival International de
Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville

Friday May 17th, 13h00, at the CEGEP, $16

« Obstacle Phase 2 »

Obstacle phase 2 is a performance by I8U and gigimatique integrating video and animation. The sound elements, all of which were derived from bridges and manipulated using digital signal processing, will be closely linked to the visuals, while maintaining a fair amount of freedom for improvisation. The project is the second phase of Obstacle, a web art project by I8U, which was commissioned by Nicole Gingras and produced the Groupe Intervention Video (GIV).

For more Information, visit  The Official Festival Site

BBC Interview


around the world in 80 labels
Located in: Montreal, Canada
Operating Since: 1999
Key Contact: i8u
Released On: Piehead, Mutek
ListenI8U: Cattail Furnace

About I8U
Playing with Martin Tétreault for instance, directed me away from low frequency drones and on to explore other frequencies.I8U has had an interesting musical journey to say the least. Pursuing various styles of music from early classical training to blues, it was a chance meeting with David Kristian that would prove to be the inspiration for her move to experimental music.Excerpt from a feature article from Incursion Publishing May 2001 Interviewed by Richard Di Santo.”David suggested I try something different considering the equipment I owned at the time, so we planned for a jam session.

What I discovered during these sessions was very simple, this music flowed effortlessly, I didn’t have to think, just play, I thought “This is what I’m supposed to do!”. David was instrumental in my move away from “traditional music” in the sense that he introduced me to the art of creating sounds, and listening to what he was doing simply made me realize that this is where I would be most happy because the possibilities are endless and only defined by one’s own limitations.

So, I embarked on a journey of learning and un-learning, learning about sound art and the precision in programming sounds, learning to listen to what I don’t want to hear, un-learning years of traditional music structures, acceptable melodies , chords and rhythms, therefore pushing my own limitations of what I expected to hear, and listen for the unexpected.

This quest for learning I guess is what brought me here, once I learn something, I want to move on to the next thing, not knowing necessarily what that will be, but pushing my own boundaries, I never know what the trigger will be, but I recognize it when it manifests itself. Playing with Martin Tétreault for instance, directed me away from low frequency drones and on to explore other frequencies.

IDM in a funny way has had me explore beats, not as in 4/4 kind of thing but as how they can occur within sound itself and how they can be layered in such a way that you will feel a pulse but you won’t be “cutting the rug” so to speak.

What I fear most is stagnation, one must never get so comfortable in one’s abilities.”

I8U has participated in various new music/new technology festivals and events, Studioxx web jam (Montreal/Tasmania Feb 2002), VoltAA (Montreal 2001), Silophone(Montreal 2000) The Opera House (Toronto 2000).

She has cd’s released on Canadian and European labels including a collaboration with Goem (Gast, Netherlands 2002).

She performs regularly and collaborates as well with Martin Tétreault (Mutek 2001) David Kristian, Guylaine Bédard (photographer).

A new release is planned for May 2002 with Piehead records. She will be performing at the Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in May 2002 alonside gigimatique (Ælab) who will be providing visuals for this project entitled “Obstacle Phase 2” and is planning a small tour in Europe in June 2002.

(special thanks to Richard Di Santo and for their kind permission to reprint the above text.)

BBC i8u’s guide to the Montreal underground

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7 February 2003
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around the world in 80 labels
I8U I8U –
Montreal New Music Feature
Here it seems everybody knows everybody; and creatively speaking, that
is very motivating. The exchange that takes place between musicians from
different electronic backgrounds is probably one of the biggest factors shaping
this new "Montreal sound".

 About the Montreal new music scene by I8U.


Montreal Scene Report
The Montreal electronic experimental music scene is thriving these days with a variety of artists who are gaining international recognition thanks to the arrival of festivals and events that are tailor made for their brand of talent.

The particular atmosphere and the friendliness of this city has bred some incredible talents from people like David Kristian, Martin Tétreault, Sam Shalabi, Alexandre St-Onge and the list goes on. But most of all, I find that the uniqueness of this city lies in its ability to facilitate the meeting of artists.

I can go to a “musique actuelle” show, meet musicians and eventually work with them, and then I can go to Mutek and the same thing will happen. I do believe this is particular to Montreal. Here it seems everybody knows everybody; and creatively speaking, that is very motivating. The exchange that takes place between musicians from different electronic backgrounds is probably one of the biggest factors shaping this new “Montreal sound”.

Each of these musicians/sound artists are busy with many different projects in and around the Montreal area. Check out the weblinks for more information on that particular artist or label.

Martin Tétreault is constantly navigating between Montreal, Europe and Japan, working with the likes of Xavier Charles, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M., Diane Labrosse, Janek Shaeffer and so on. He recently curated the Turntable Hell Tour which was organized by the London Musicians Collective.

Sam Shalabi is a guitar and oud improviser and is probably the busiest musician in Montreal with projects such as the Shalabi Effect, the Kristian Shalabi St-Onge trio, Molasses and GSYB.

Alexandre St-Onge is an electro-acoustic composer and improviser utilizing bowed double bass and computer applications to create his music; he is also busy at home and abroad.

Tim Hecker is an experimental techno artist who has released material on Force Inc under the moniker Jetone and Alien8 Recordings offshoot Substractif under his own name. He is very present on the Montreal scene, and has recently performed in Berlin at the Transmediale festival.

Mitchell Akiyama is an experimental techno artist who is also at the helm of Montreal’s Intr_version label and has released material on Substractif.

Deadbeat is an experimental techno artist, who is also involved with Montreal software synth developers Applied Acoustics Systems Inc. He has released material with Hautec, Revolver and Intr_version.

David Kristian is an experimental electro and soundscape artist who is renowned for his mastery of analogue synthesis. He is now working with Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman soft synth. He has recently been devoting his time to creating sound design and music for TV, and films such as Karim Hussain’s Subconscious Cruelty, The City Without Windows and Ascension. David has released material with several labels including Alien8 Recordings, Leaf, Worm Interface and Lo Recordings.

Akufen is an experimental electro and tech house producer who has released material on labels such as Perlon, Hautec and Force Inc. He has been active on the Montreal music scene for over a decade.

Ælab have been busy presenting their various projects at the Media Lounge of the New York museum of contemporary art (New York 2000), the Dutch Electronic arts festival (V2_, Rotterdam,Netherlands 2000), Mutek (Montreal 2000 & 2001) Ælab have released material with both the Oral and the Mutek labels.

More artists such as Pheek, Mateo Murphy, Alexandre Burton, Julien Roy, Monstre, Lateef the Quadraceptor, and John Ascencio definitely have a hand at shaping the sounds coming out of Montreal and their contribution cannot be understated.

As far as events around the city are concerned, we’ll start with Mutek.

Mutek, has become a standard by which the industry measures itself, and this, only 2 years of existence and the hard work of Alain Mongeau, Eric Mattson and their team. Artists from everywhere want to participate in this festival, it is a meeting place for all musicians with an interest in new electronic music/new technology. The atmosphere is conducive to the exchange of ideas and collaborations between artists are made possible.

The Silophone project was created by two artists who call themselves “the user”; Thomas McIntosh, architect and Emmanuel Madan, composer are best known for their “symphony for dot matrix printers”. Using an old grain silo, microphones and speakers were lowered in one of the cylinders which acted as an incredible echo chamber; local and international artists were invited to partake with a project of their own design, each using the silo in their own unique way. The result was a year of amazing concerts such as Francisco Lopez’s memorable performance in October 2000 and Carsten Nicolai’s installation during Mutek 2001 to name a few.
Applied Acoustics Systems Inc., is a Montreal based company that has developed Tassman, an innovative software synthesizer based on physical modeling, which means everything from analogue modular synthesis components to acoustic elements such as plates and reeds can be mixed and matched to create realistic, yet never heard before sounds. What sets Tassman apart from other softsynths is the sheer quality and realistic texture of the end results. The Tassman was honored with Electronic Musician magazine’s coveted Editor’s choice award in 2001.

Intr_version, is a label run by Mitchell Akiyama which has been showcasing the talents of Pheek, Jetone, Deadbeat and Akiyama himself.

No Type is a virtual label where Montreal artists David Turgeon and Aimé Dontigny showcase their talent and that of other fellow musicians such as James Shidlowsky, Magalie Babin, etc. No type has recently released their first non virtual compilation “The Freest of Radicals.”

Oral, is a label run by Eric Mattson, whom, aside from being involved with Mutek, finds time to release experimental non-lyrical electronic music and is very active producing events such as VoltAA. He is without a doubt the most enthusiastic ambassador of all spectrums of electronic music. Oral relies on its roster artists which is comprised of Ælab, Akufen, Herri Kopter, Suna and Nancy Tobin.

Alien8 Recordings run by Gary Worsley and Sean O’Hara has been working relentlessly and consistently to discover and release the work of maverick Montreal artists and has a strong presence on the local and international scene. Dedicated to various forms of electronic music, they have made it possible for musicians to perform on a more regular basis. They have just created a new sub-label called Substractif on which you will find artists such as Mitchell Akiyama and Tim Hecker.

And last but certainly not least is Le Navire Night, a Radio Canada (CBC) radio program which has been broadcasting experimental music every Sunday night under the watchful “ears” of Hélène Prévost, who has to her credit music for the stage, documentaries and advertising. She has taught and undertaken research in auditory perception at the Faculty of Music of Université de Montréal, where she also studied composition. Radio has been for many years her principal medium of exploration.

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Montreal 02.10.2002 – Maid in Cyberspace Festival

Maid in Cyberspace Festival – Les HTMlles: le Festival de Cyberart du Studio XX – February 6th -10th 2002- At the Societe Des Arts Technologiques (SAT), 305, Ste-Catherine West, Montreal (Quebec)


Sunday February 10th, 2002

Symphony for the Devil –

(Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) in Hobart, Tasmania / Symphony for the Devil – between Maid in Cyberspace 5 (with the participation of Katherine Liberovskaya, i8u and Anna Friz) and the artists attending at the international media art event / wilderness residency Solar Circuit 2k2, in Tasmania, Australia, with the collaboration of TMAG (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) in Hobart, Tasmania



Marie-Christiane Mathieu, (Québec) Monument du vide : work in progress

Avec la participation de Stéphanie Lagueux, Julie Lapalme, laura-jeanne lefave,I8U, Elisabeth Mathieu, Claire Piché, Andrée Préfontaine, Léonie Clermont, Marie Sarah Gilbert – Deschesnes, Oana Spinu et Sean O’Hara . Avec la collaboration de Daimon, de l’Université du Québec à Trois -Rivières, de La Chambre Blanche et du Laboratoire de Poche.

Montreal 12.12.2001 – VOLT-AA: 3

Upcoming Performance

VOLT-AA: 3 audio programs of contemporary electronic music brought to your ears.

curator: Eric Mattson

dates: December 12 and 19 , 2001; January 16, 2002
hour: 8 pm (no admission after 8:30 pm)
location: O PATRO VY´S, 356 Mt. Royal E., one floor above Bily Kun Bar
Ticket : 7$ (at the door)

VOLT-AA diffusion project consists of 3 presentation-performances scheduled from December 12, 2001 to January 16, 2002. Each of these presentation-performances, approximately of two hours, will take place as following :


PART 1 is a deep listening audio program of known and recorded pieces, all related to a chosen theme

PART 2 brings the live interpretations of the theme by 3 Montreal composers
-sharing thoughts and drinks

Wednesday December 12,  2001

Part one
Listening: LINE label and composers Richard Chartier, Bernard Gunther, Immedia + Hafler Trio, Morton Feldman, Kozo Inada, Francisco López . . .

Part two
LIVE sets: Alexandre St-Onge, I8U Ælab, and . . . the Silence.

VOLT-AA is produced in collaboration with
Navire Night (Radio-Canada)
O Patro Vy´s

VOLT AA thanks le Conseil des arts et des Lettres du Québec for the help and trust given to this project.

Eric Mattson, ORAL, Mutations Technologiques

Review – i8ub (bake) 2001 by WTB

i8u: b Bake Records  047  2001

i8u has been a guest on WtB? twice and is an important figure on the Montreal new music scene.   She deserves it.  She has a clear grasp of sound and her manipulations of deep sonic material are outstanding.  i8u is changing over time, and this latest offering gives us a glimpse into her new style. Bass pulses and granular, near distorted sounds throb away as i8u slowly performs some sonic tricks.   I like the disc, but there’s something a bit “incomplete” about it all.  As if i8u hasn’t quite got it all sorted out yet.  I’m looking forward to seeing where she’s headed.  I’d pick it up if you haven’t heard anything else, otherwise, hold out for what’s to come.