Sackville 07.28.2009 – Simulcast


Presented by the Montréal-based organization Silophone in association with CHMA 106.9 FM (Sackville), Ok.Quoi?! Arts Frestival (Sackville), & ( New York State).

SIMULCAST 2.0 : Sackville is a month-long radio art series about listening to  radio at night and exploring radio’s links with eternity. Four Canadian sound and radio artists are asked to provide a single, unchanging sound, which will broadcast continuously for four hours each night on Sackville’s campus/community radio station CHMA-FM  106.9. SIMULCAST 2.0 begins at 2 am on July 28, 2009. At 6 am on  August 24, 2009, after the twenty-eighth night, the series will have completed and CHMA’s regular programming will resume. Featuring sounds  by Hélène Prévost, Mario Gauthier, i8u and Stéphane Claude.”

still life by i8u

In composing “still life”, I  recalled a fascinating experience during a recent stay on the Frioul archipelago, near Marseilles.  While walking and recording sounds for various projects, I noticed a snail on the steps leading to my studio. Everyday I walked up and down those steps; I was constantly excited at the prospect of observing the progress this snail would manage.   It was very cold and it looked to me as if the snail wasn’t moving at all.  My enjoyment of the snail was the surreal concept that I could not observe its immediate progress but was aware of it by gauging how much progress it had made each day.

This project being in line with the minimal aesthetic I am interested in of late, i have decided  to approach the sound of imperceptible change as audio “still life” .

SIMULCAST 2.0 : Sackville

Four artists are invited to create an unchanging radio broadcast

nightly from July 28th to August 24th 2009

Hélène Prévost “12:00”                   July 28 to August 3
Mario Gauthier “Transparences”       August 4 to 10
i8u “still life”                                  August 11 to 17
Stéphane Claude ” Waves Array”     August 18 to 24

All broadcasts 2am to 6am, local time (Atlantic Daylight Time, UTC – 0300)

Listen on the radio: 106.9 FM, CHMA
Listen on line:
Listen to the archive anytime:

Presentation by Emmanuel Madan, Project curator, Tuesday July 28 at 2pm
Struts Gallery, 7 Lorne Street, Sackville, NB Canada,