Review – Tmymtur (ENSL AMDC) – 2013 – The Liminal

Jun. 7, 2013 by

tmymtur – “呼応 – kooh” (ENSL AMDC / Bandcamp) Christopher Olson for Liminal Minimals – April 2013 Drone is a utilitarian thing: when it works, it works. Being critical of it beyond

Review – Tmymtur (ENSL AMDC) – 2013 – LOOP

Apr. 29, 2013 by

Guillermo Escudero for LOOP (english below) ‘Yusei’ es parte de una actuación en la que Tmymtur graba miles de capas de su voz que se transforman en ondas ultrasónicas que

Review – Tmymtur (ENSL AMDC) – 2013 – Fluid Radio

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Review by Nathan Thomas  for Fluid Radio TMYMTUR – 呼応 Label: ENSL AMDC Tmymtur, Tomoya Matsuuran Tmymtur’s new record which I believe can be transcribed as “Yusei” is an intriguing proposition: a

tmymtur – Release Date 18.March.2013

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Tmymtur: 呼応 release 18.March.2013 Format: Digital | 96kHz/24bit Time 64:41.622 Cat#: en005 Label: ENSL AMDC 値段: 3,150 JPY (Tax in) Track Listing: “05.09.2012/0” Taylor Deupree remix “05.09.2012/0” Yui Onodera remix “05.09.2012/0”

ROOM40 – Various-10

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ROOM40 – Various-10 On March 31st 2011, Room40 officially ends its tenth anniversary and to wrap things up we’re celebrating with a free 40 track sampler created by friends and

Secrets of the lake / Foreign sun ー flag.frog ー EP

Mar. 3, 2011 by

Secrets of the lake / Foreign sun ー flag.frog  ー EP on murmur records Guitarist Tsubasa Sugiyama was added to the Electronica unit “Liquid Weeld”, comprising of  Emi Aida and Yuki Aida.

event horizon at Pointligneplan – Paris

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Event Horizon (v9) and P#12 Tokyo will be broadcast October 27th 2010 at l’ école de cinéma “La Fémis” in Paris following an invitation by PointLignePlan. Wednesday, October 27  2010

ROOM40 Sampler – The Wire (2010)

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An exclusive interwoven collage from the Antipodean imprint ROOM40, this free CD documents past, present and future sounds. Curated by Lawrence English with contributions from Chris Abrahams, Asher, Candlesnuffer, John

London UK 06.06.2010 – framework

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The next 2 issues of my favorite things will focus on a festival that has taken place in Winnipeg, Canada for the last 10 years, Send and Receive.

South Devon UK 01.23.2010 – framework

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January 23.10 “these are few of my favorite things” by i8u
For the next two editions of “my favorite things”, i will focus on a particular label based in Vienna. The label is nvo, non visual objects and it was founded in 2005 by Heribert Friedl and Raphael Moser. In 2007, nvo released : Extract, Portraits of Soundartists, a book and 2 cd’s.