Review – Valence (LINE) – 2012 – eyebient

Valence on LINE  054 – 2012

Last year a team of scientists from European research center CERN reported that the microscopic elementary particles, neutrinos, probably exceeded the speed of light. It would be a revolution in physics, because the speed of light – almost 300 thousand kilometers per second – is the greatest speed in the universe. According to Einstein’s theory, no one and nothing can move faster. Soon after it became clear that the research was wrong – was the result of technical defects, firstly the GPS to measure the speed of neutrinos has been set faultily. Secondly, the cable was not connected properly with a part of the system.

France Jobin describes her album ‘Valence’ as inspired by both the valence bond (VB) and molecular orbital (MO) theories. This is not a revolution in music, neither conceptual nor sound. Because the interpretation of such research projects would easily become a grotesque. However,  this album is outstanding, mainly because it is the mathematical contemplation of the music with the sounds and the expression used already by masters such as Whitman or Noto. France Jobin does not describe the laws of physics. Actually she measures (like Apichatpong Weerasethakul in his films) our patience for listening to things quite significant.