Amsterdam 09.18.2008 – Sound Museum

September 18 2008

Soundmuseum.FM was officially launched September 14th,

The first group of artists targeted was the networks of Remco Schuurbiers and Janet Leyton-Grant. Soundartists from all over the world were contacted with an invitation to contribute to the soundmuseum depot. And the reactions have been amazing. It seemed as though the soundmuseum was longed for, as though it’s filling a need.

Hundreds of artists have sent us works, with more pieces arriving all the time. Barbara Morgenstern, Anne Welmer, Telco Systems, Planningtorock, Carsten Nicolai and many others are working on or planning contributions. We’re looking forward seeing Soundmuseum grow and seeing the depth and quality of the archive build as it continues to enrich itself. This is only the beginning.

i8u: paper wasps

this track was originally composed for a sound installation
“espaceSONO audio.listening.lab”, taking place in Montreal September 2007.