review – Trilogy and Epilogue (and/OAR) 2010 – by Clive Bell – The Wire

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Michelangelo Antonioni: Trilogy And Epilogue Various and/OAR 2 X CD “I am personally very reluctant to use music in my films, for the simple reason that I prefer to work

review – Trilogy and Epilogue (and/OAR) 2010 – by Ron Schepper – Textura

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Trilogy and Epilogue on and/OAR Michelangelo Antonioni’s filmography offers such a rich source of imagery and themes it’s a wonder no experimental music project has appeared until now based upon

review – 29 Palms (der) 2010 – by Adrian Dziewanski – Scrapyard forecast

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29 Palms, i8u on Dragon’s Eye Recordings I was initially introduced to Jobin’s work under the i8u guise from her contribution to the magnificent Physical, Absent, Tangible compilation released on

The Outsider 3 | Women in music by Adrian Dziewanski

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  scrapyard forecast The Outsider is an on-going feature that pertains to ever changing themes within the world of sound art. More specifically, it highlights micro-niches within this world, commonalities

re/flux | curated by Soundfjord

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EVENT HORIZON – i8u – Cédrick Eymenier EVENT HORIZON screening at ICA Event: Museums at Night: SoundFjord [The Sublimated Landscape/Sonic Topology] Venue: ICA The Mall LONDON SW1Y 5AH Date: Sat

Tracing the Invisible at ACP, Sydney, Australia

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Tracing the Invisible by Riley Post Audio tracks by: Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Pattern 4 Svarte Greiner – Final Sleep Edgard Varèse – Poème électronique i8u – higgs released