Review – SEND + RECEIVE dvd 2010 – by Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

SEND + RECEIVE (double DVD by Send + Receive)

Occasionally Vital Weekly may have printed the line up of the Send & Receive festival, held yearly in Winnipeg, Canada, but it escaped me that they have been going on since 1998. To celebrate the first ten years a box was released with an extensive booklet about the artists who performing there, one DVD with music and one DVD with a documentary. The music DVD has no visuals, just music. And what an amount! This is not a compilation with snippets of music, this is, at least at time complete performances. Say Jason Kahn forty minutes, Oval twenty six, Lee Ranaldo & Dean Roberts one hour, Tim Hecker thirty-nine, Thomas Jirku almost fifty minutes etc? Altogether its almost eleven hours of music. Not something you would digest at once I guess. I’d recommend with starting with the documentary on the second disc. Here various people involved in the festival explain what the festival is about – experimental music in the broadest sense of the word, which is nice, but also we get fragment glimpses of concerts. We see Oval behind his laptop and devices (last minutes of his concerts and immediately packing up, not noting the sheers from the audience), Cindy with a cello, installation by Carsten Nicolai, obscure mechanisms by Micheal Dumontier or David Grubbs just with his acoustic guitar. Not a festival for those who do just laptop concerts, although there are who do (Tomas Jirku, Duul_drv). Also we see some people  not on present on the other DVD like Gert-Jan Prins, Skolz Kolgen, Otomo Yoshihide and Kaffe Matthews. Great to see, it gives the aspiring musician lots of ideas. From the live DVD its good to hear David Grubbs (although with four minutes the shortest concert here), Jirku’s laidback dubby techno, the grainy textures of Tim Hecker, Kahn always fine minimalist electronics and drumming, I8U likewise minimalism of laptop processing and Oren Ambarchi’s guitar playing erupting. And that’s not even half of it. The sound quality varies from line recording to microphone recordings, which makes changes quite abrupt, but altogether this is a package that keeps you busy for an entire sunday, but what else should you do on such a day anyway?

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Send+Receive 10 years of sounds (2009)

send + receive’s 10th Anniversary audio + video DVD set,
featuring select performances from the past ten years of  send + receive’s remarkable history, extensive liner notes by festival founder Steve Bates, and a feature-length documentary about the festival by Winnipeg filmmaker/writer Caelum Vatnsdal.

Winnipeg 02.21.2005 – Send and Receive

A Festival of Sound 2005

Silent Music, Secret Noise

An evening of live performance featuring
some of the best small sound and eloquent
static from Winnipeg, Canada and Zurich.

not half [Winnipeg]
I8U [Montreal]
Jason Kahn [Zurich]

Friday, October 21 2005
at the Urban Shaman Gallery
203-290 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg MB Canada
R3B 0T2

Doors: 8:15 pm | Performances: 9:00 pm
Admission: $10

Winnipeg¹s Allan Conroy [aka not half] began making audio experiments in 1983. He developed an obsession for radios, tape-loops, squeaky sounds and unusual acoustic phenomena,
all recorded to tape in a largely improvised fashion. Acquiring samplers in 1992, he began to sample this comprehensive body
of work, a project which continues to the present day. not half frequently uses anything and everything to make sounds, either exclusively or combined with other working methods.

I8U¹s audio art can be understood as sound-sculpture.
It reveals powerful, opaque and complex sound environments
where analog and digital meet. Her web art can be said to follow
a parallel path, intertwining both musical and visual elements.
From classical music to blues, it took only one chance meeting
with David Kristian to get her involved in electronic music.
This is I8U¹s second visit to Send + Receive.

Originally a percussionist, Zurich¹s Jason Kahn has collaborated with artists including Evan Parker, Chirstian Marclay and Steve Roden. Kahn currently performs using a laptop and analogue synthesizer and combines these with percussion. Kahn is the founder of the CD label cut, has composed music for theatre
and dance and has given concerts around the world. In the past several years Kahn has exhibited several sound installations.