ROOM40 Sampler – The Wire (2010)

An exclusive interwoven collage from the Antipodean imprint ROOM40, this free CD documents past, present and future sounds. Curated by Lawrence English with contributions from Chris Abrahams, Asher, Candlesnuffer, John Chantler, Mike Cooper, Leighton Craig, Greg Davis, Taylor Deupree, DJ Olive, DNE, Robin Fox, Reinhold Friedl & Michael Vorfeld, Ben Frost, Grouper, Chihei Hatakeyama, Tim Hecker, I8U, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Jeph Jerman, Ulrich Krieger, Erik M, Tujiko Noriko, Pimmon, Sebastien Roux, Matt Rösner, Philip Samartzis, Janek Schaefer, Steinbrüchel, Tenniscoats, Zane Trow, James Webb and Xiu Xiu.

Given away free to all print subscribers with this month’s September issue.

London UK 06.06.2010 – framework

This sunday on framework :“these are few of my favorite things”  by i8u

/*framework* / – phonography / field recording;
contextual and decontextualized sound activity
presented by patrick mcginley

*framework*/ broadcasts:
sunday,06.06.10, 10pm, london, uk on resonance 104.4fm (
tuesday,06.08.10,  2pm, london, uk on resonance 104.4fm (
wednesday, 06.09.10, 12am, thessaloniki, gr on cooradio (
wednesday, 06.09.10, 3am, lisbon, pt on radio zero (
thursday, 06.10.10, 7pm, lisbon, pt on radio zero (
friday, 06.011.10, 1am, brussels, be on radio campus 92.1fm (
saturday, 06.12.10, 5pm, south devon, uk on soundartradio 102.5fm (

Framework – i8u – my favorite things (Installment #5)

As mentioned in earlier installments, my interpretation of field recording based works, is very broad however, the thread I like to follow is to find artists who have mastered their unique identity through the music of sound.

The next 2 issues of my favorite things will focus on a festival that has taken place in Winnipeg, Canada for the last 10 years. Winnipeg, is basically in the middle of the Canada, a region commonly referred to as the prairies, it is vast and flat. Don’t be fooled, a Winnipeg audience   is knowledgeable and discerning. I had the privilege to play twice at this festival and it remains at the top of my list! This is directly linked to the people I came in contact with while i was there. They are, Steve Bates, Jake Moore, Deanna Radford, Don Bargenda, and the festival is Send and Receive.

In the fall of 2009, S+R issued a dvd of the last 10 years, there is almost 11 hours of audio on it, what follows are excerpts of those live performances.

Playlist + additional info below

Performance Dates,  Artists & Websites

1. fools summons train 1998 – David Grubb
2. 1999 – Lee Ranaldo + Dean Roberts
3. 2000 –  Martin Tétreault –
4. 2000 – Oval
5. 2001 – Cindy –
6. 2002 – Tomas Jirku
7. 2002- Michael Dumontier
8. 2003 – Tim Hecker –
9. 2003 – my kingdom for a lullaby
10.2004 – Taylor Deupree –

Additional info:

send and receive

Review – SEND + RECEIVE dvd 2010 – by Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

SEND + RECEIVE (double DVD by Send + Receive)

Occasionally Vital Weekly may have printed the line up of the Send & Receive festival, held yearly in Winnipeg, Canada, but it escaped me that they have been going on since 1998. To celebrate the first ten years a box was released with an extensive booklet about the artists who performing there, one DVD with music and one DVD with a documentary. The music DVD has no visuals, just music. And what an amount! This is not a compilation with snippets of music, this is, at least at time complete performances. Say Jason Kahn forty minutes, Oval twenty six, Lee Ranaldo & Dean Roberts one hour, Tim Hecker thirty-nine, Thomas Jirku almost fifty minutes etc? Altogether its almost eleven hours of music. Not something you would digest at once I guess. I’d recommend with starting with the documentary on the second disc. Here various people involved in the festival explain what the festival is about – experimental music in the broadest sense of the word, which is nice, but also we get fragment glimpses of concerts. We see Oval behind his laptop and devices (last minutes of his concerts and immediately packing up, not noting the sheers from the audience), Cindy with a cello, installation by Carsten Nicolai, obscure mechanisms by Micheal Dumontier or David Grubbs just with his acoustic guitar. Not a festival for those who do just laptop concerts, although there are who do (Tomas Jirku, Duul_drv). Also we see some people  not on present on the other DVD like Gert-Jan Prins, Skolz Kolgen, Otomo Yoshihide and Kaffe Matthews. Great to see, it gives the aspiring musician lots of ideas. From the live DVD its good to hear David Grubbs (although with four minutes the shortest concert here), Jirku’s laidback dubby techno, the grainy textures of Tim Hecker, Kahn always fine minimalist electronics and drumming, I8U likewise minimalism of laptop processing and Oren Ambarchi’s guitar playing erupting. And that’s not even half of it. The sound quality varies from line recording to microphone recordings, which makes changes quite abrupt, but altogether this is a package that keeps you busy for an entire sunday, but what else should you do on such a day anyway?

(FdW) Vital Weekly


Send+Receive 10 years of sounds (2009)

send + receive’s 10th Anniversary audio + video DVD set,
featuring select performances from the past ten years of  send + receive’s remarkable history, extensive liner notes by festival founder Steve Bates, and a feature-length documentary about the festival by Winnipeg filmmaker/writer Caelum Vatnsdal.

Montreal 01.17.2007 – Arts Birthday

Join us for an audio walk
WEDNESDAY, January 17th 2007

[[ ]]

Since the proclamation of Fluxus artist Robert Filliou in 1963, January 17th happens to be Art’s Birthday. Art was thus born 1,000,000 years ago and artists and artist groups everywhere around the globe celebrate this important anniversary by organizing international events and network art happenings, and by eating cake and offering gifts to Art. Every year, Art’s Birthday becomes an occasion for exchange between artists and art events. The Eternal Network grows this way by exploring the telecommunications arts.

This audio-walk will lead us to strange places of psychogeographic
resonance in the city as part of the celebration of Art’s Birthday. We will
begin with hot wine at Oboro and finish with performances organised by

with audio work from:


:: 5 pm
Gathering at OBORO, 4001 Berri, suite 301 (tea and hot chocolate wil be served // bring: your mug / thermos !
Interactive installation from Jason E. Lewis, Everything You Thought We’d Forgotten.

:: 5:45 pm
Departure from OBORO for the psychogeographique sound walk, organized by UpgradeMtl, with electronic music of :
i8u, Fishead, Tim Hecker, Saibotuk.

Bring your portable CD ghettoblaster to broadcast the music in public. (don’t forget the batteries!). Cds will be distributed.

:: 6:30 pm
Carré St-Louis with Jasa Baka and Tyr Jami (Parlour Treats) for a short festive performance (**bring birthday hats and flashlights**)

//// Parlour Treats are Jasa Baka and Tyr Jami, an outlandish sister team. They invite you into their outdoor Parlour for an experience of cake. A treat you knew you wanted when you were five but couldn’t reach through to your imaginary world for. Come have a piece, if you can catch it!

:: 7 pm +
Art’s Birthday party at the StudioXX
Tyr Jami performance (cello)
On-line performance by Kelly Andres, virtual resident from Lethbridge, Alberta. Music, cakes, drinks!

avec &


[ ]


brought to you by_
tobias, Anik & Sophie
Janvier 2007

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The Upgrade is an autonomous, international and grassroots organization of
monthly gatherings for digital culture and the technology arts. Upgrade
Montreal is generously supported by the Society for Arts and Technology
[SAT], through networks of the Upgrade International, the various partners
we work with, the artists who donate their time and the personal energies of
its organizer triumvirate of tobias c. van Veen, Sophie Le-Phat Ho & Anik

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