Releases on Superpang April 24 2021

Track Titles: 

1- #A2A4A6

2- #F6E36B


Hues is the result of “listening” to the colours I use in the sounds I create. For this reason, I felt it important to choose the colours for the design of the album cover since each colour represents a track.

What I found interesting in researching the hexadecimal numeral system is that it is a system made up of 16 symbols, using the decimal numbers and six extra symbols. There are no numerical symbols that represent values greater than nine, so letters taken from the English alphabet are used, specifically A, B, C, D, E and F as A = 10, B = 11, C = 12, D = 13, E = 14, and F = 15.

Computers only have on and off, called a binary digit (or bit, for short). A binary number is just a string of zeros and ones: 11011011, for example.

In the 1960’s, engineers would group 3 bits at a time (much like large decimal numbers are grouped in threes, like the number 123,456,789. Three bits, each being on or off, can represent the eight numbers from 0 to 7: 000 = 0; 001 = 1; 010 = 2; 011 = 3; 100 = 4; 101 = 5; 110 = 6 and 111 = 7.

Grouping of three’s is how this album came to be, I hope you enjoy listening to the colours grey, yellow, and white.

All sounds recorded at various locations in Europe, Japan and South America, at MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) and at EMS (Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm).

France Jobin – Field recordings, sound processing, composition

© 2021 France Jobin / p 2021 Touch Music/Fairwood Music UK Ltd 


released April 24, 2021

design: Joe Gilmore

Compilation – Superpang Tour Mode

Track – a state of equilibrium obtained at a point of maximum entropy – France Jobin

40 people gathered in an imaginary community where the world lives under the gaze of the people of the future. It seems that this was a big project to develop a new, modern concept of what to do. But it was quite simply a one-off and never done to create anything new.
When I first started working on this idea, I went down to a few thousand hours and I found out the work was coming just before the opening. While I wouldn’t want to add a little glossary, there were enough details for a few to make the whole concept even more interesting.

But with the exception of this tiny, tiny demo, I think I had to write something about it. Nowadays I’ve been working on something called the new project called The New Concept.
The new concept is very simple, simple, and does not take up too much space (and yet we actually know exactly where we’re coming from). It doesn’t allow any of the basic concepts, since we are only going to use a little bit of math to figure out the full point of the concept. There’s only one area, and if you need to write about that, you’ll need those basic numbers yourself, so you have to really learn a bit more.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the concept, it’s the ones I’ve covered here and there.
Play loud to please the audience. The performance should be extremely enjoyable, and that the performances will provide an exciting atmosphere.


released January 1, 2021

mastering: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros
design: Joe Gilmore