Review – Anther i8u + tomas phillips(petite sono) 2006 – by Frans de Waard, Petite Sono


Tomas Phillips is not a new name for me, but since his previous release with Tobias C. van Veen (see Vital Weekly 499) I learned that he has had various releases as Sea Optic, Lisbon and Eto Ami (in collaboration with Dean King) and that there is a solo release under his real name on Trente Oiseaux (which we probably missed out on). These days he works with Tobias C. van Veen, Dean King and i8u. Behind i8u is France Jobin, who had a release on Multimedia Pandora (see Vital Weekly 216), Piehead Records (Vital Weekly 325) and Bake Records (oddly not reviewed). Besides making music, she also works with installations and web art, not as separate things, but it can be seen as one big work. She has played around the world (Mutek, Transmediale), but things have been quiet for some time. Maybe the quiet time was used by her to record this album with Tomas Phillips? On the cover (housed in a larger carton box) it says ‘headphone listening suggested’ and normally that is not well-spend on me, because I like to walk around when I want when listening, or hop from chair to computer and back, but in this case it would indeed be a good suggestion to sit back, put that headphone on and have a careful listen. I8U and Tomas Phillips play a nice game of silence. Even when you crank up the volume considerably, things hoover still at the edge of silence. Sometimes a peep comes up, white static emerge from the swamp and something nothing happens at all. ‘Merge’, the final piece, seems to the one with most activity with what seems also the track with the most clear synth lines and what could be a slowed down rhythm. In terms of music, regular music, this track is the most ‘ambient’, whereas the other two are more abstract and microsound. This trio of tracks is a pretty strong collection that deserve to be listened too with headphones indeed and a good glass of wine within reach and two candles in an otherwise dark room.

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-Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Montreal 01.28.2006 – Textures_03

TEXTURES_03: Jan 28th 2006 – 9pm
i8u | tomas phillips
with Clonal Machina
from San Francisco

Textures is a series of deep-listening events held on the last Saturday of each month at Pharmacie Esperanza. These salon-style concerts focus mainly on live performances of ambient, noise, improv and experimental music in a comfortable and intimate setting.

Two Montreal debuts at our Textures concert series. First up will be the ambient stylings of Clonal Machina, who has recently relocated from SanĀ  Francisco. The second performance of the evening will be the first live collaboration between I8U and Tomas Phillips, in anticipation of their upcoming release Anther on petite sono.

La Salle D’Attente (Pharmacie Esperanza)
5490 boul. St-Laurent (corner St-Viateur)
Montreal, QC