surface tension on murmur records

Surface tension ー i8u

out November 16.2011 on Murmur Records (Japan)

Surface tension is a new “sound sculpture” from renown audio installation artist i8u aka France Jobin. Based on field recordings taken from Canada and the EU, the prolific Jobin freely integrates digital, analog, glitch and drone into a field of aural vision that simultaneously exhibits micro and macro perspectives on a complex, yet inviting, environmental theme.

i8u’s art is about juxtapositions, analogue to digital, aural to visual, technological to philosophical. Her installations can often be experienced in live events and festivals across the Canada, the United States, South America and Europe.

Track Listing

01. water 72.86
02. toluene 28.52
03. ethanol 22.29

Extract -Portrait of Soundartists on nvo (2007)

EXTRACT-Portraits of Soundartists (book + 2 cd)
| CD | Nonvisualobjects | compilation

EXTRACT contains interviews,
essays, photos, drawings
and 22 tracks by:

Keith Berry, Richard Chartier, Taylor Deupree, Heribert Friedl,
Richard Garet, Andy Graydon, Bernhard Günter, John Hudak, I8U,
Dean King, Dale Lloyd, Roel Meelkop, Will Montgomery, Tomas Philips,
Steve Roden, Jos Smolders, Steinbrüchel, Nao Sugimoto (aka mondii),
Asmus Tietchens, Toshiya Tsunoda, Ubeboet and Michael Vorfeld.