Montreal 05.29.2009 – Mutek 2008

May 29, 2008

MUTEK 2008 | Open_Lab_Ouvert
Mutek is once again hosting Le Placard May 29th -30th 2008 @SAT
(see below for schedule)

Placard is a headphone concert festival, playing with concentration, intimacy,time warp,and teleportation.This year it goes on for 97 days non stop, in different cities. It functions under a mode of open program,open for headphone rooms to create performance spaces where performers are welcomed to perform. Both the headphoneroom ‘owner’ and the performers use the inscription site to self organize the global program. The placard ‘owner’ receives in his room performers who have submitted a inscription via the site , and streams the shows to the other headphonerooms either passive listeners or waiting to perform.The site is designed to simplify communication inbetween the performers and the organizers, using automatic emails notifying of incomming inscriptions , accepted deplaced or refused perfomances ; also notifying performers of the creation of headphonerooms in their city.

The ring has grown , last year quite a few new cities got involved ;( helsinki , stralsund , benicassim .. (link to last year’s archive) ) .This year has allready started with a few prologues (maybe a preview of what might be one day a non stop placard network) – one in berlin during club transmediale – one in bratislava – and one in bologna -(see pictures and line-ups here) The official placard festival opening will be in montreal for the mutek festival and then move on.

May 29th 2008 @ 15:20 (EDT)

i8u will present: 10-33 cm resonance

i8u’s audio is inspired by the concept of string theory; 10-33 cm being the theoretical size of the strings that makes up the universe. Resonance is the vibrational pattern, which determines what kind of particle the string is. The type of particle is the movement of the string and the energy associated with this movement.
The soundscapes created mirror our limited understanding and imagination of these strings as they slip in and out of the dimensions we are aware of.

Schedule Open_Lab_Ouvert:

May 29, 2008

.12:00 (EDT) .Element Kuuda
.12:40 (EDT) .Ghislain Roy
.13:20 (EDT) .Jim Bel
.14:00 (EDT) .Katherine Kline
.14:40 (EDT) .grkzg
.15:20 (EDT) .i8u
.16:00 (EDT) .David Kristian
.16:40 (EDT) .Nathan McNinch
.17:20 (EDT) .Wapstan. – .19-Jan-67
.18:00 (EDT) .Mark Templeton
.18:40 (EDT) .Ezekiel Honig
.19:20 (EDT) .Babin Magali
.20:00 (EDT) .Steve Bates
.20:40 (EDT) .Thierry Gauthie
.21:20 (EDT) .Victortronic
.22:00 (EDT) .Martine H. Crispo
.22:40 (EDT) .Le Rossignol et Lafrance
.23:20 (EDT) .Winston Phillips

May 30, 2008

.12:00 (EDT) .Orphx
.12:40 (EDT) .gmackrr
.13:20 (EDT) .kvik. – .sluiten
.14:00 (EDT) .Pon De Replay
.14:40 (EDT) .anne-f . Jacques
.15:20 (EDT) .Nicolas Dion
.16:00 (EDT) .AUN. – .MOTORSLEEP
.16:40 (EDT) .FSK 1138
.17:20 (EDT) .Nancy Tobin
.18:00 (EDT) .Szkieve
.18:40 (EDT) .le Peuplier de Simon
.19:20 (EDT) .Deluge
.20:00 (EDT) .des cailloux et du carbone
.20:40 (EDT) .Thames
.21:20 (EDT) .Matt Fuzz
.22:00 (EDT) .Vorpa
.22:40 (EDT) .Michel Pontbriand
.23:20 (EDT) .???

SAT, Société des arts technologiques
1195 boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montréal (Québec) H5B 1C2 Canada

Montreal 06.04.2005 – Mutek 2005

Le Placard @ Mutek 2005

The première of Mrs White, a trio comprising of
Myléna Bergeron + Magali Babin + i8u.

Saturday, June 4th 2005

Museum Just for Laughs,
2111 Boul. St Laurent, 1st floor
Montreal, Qc

Le PLacard welcomes 60 artists from the canadian electronic scenes and Mutek internationl guests. Le PLacard is a a MAJOR gathering, an unique event !
3 days of concerts for deep listeners connected to the stage by wires, hearing all performances through headphones, and 3 days of Internet streaming for far away lovers of experimental music.

Le Placard

Initiated in 1999 by Parisian organization BÜRO, LE PLACARD is a unique concept for a nomadic, international festival: it is based around the presentation of live musical performances to a public outfitted with headphones, along with the simultaneous transmission of the concerts over the Internet.

PLACARD//MUTEK 2005 is the initiative of Eric Mattson, curator of this first collaboration between LE PLACARD and MUTEK. The event-laboratory welcomes over a period of three days over sixty performances of original and untamed electronic music. The selected artists come from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, as well as several other countries-all of whom will be taking advantage of this exclusive platform to diffuse an eclectic assortment of original, unedited, and untamed electronic music.

A festival within a Festival, PLACARD//MUTEK 2005 also serves as an outlet for meetings and exchanges-a forum for impromptu collaborations and unexpected demonstrations.

The Yokomono project from duo Staalplaat Soundsystem debuts the festival in its performance format, and then follows with its installation mode-assuring a playfully animated break during the interludes which dot the program.

The calendar of performances will be published on,, and The BANDEAPART.FM/Radio-Canada website will also present a blog where internet-users can interact more directly to share their impressions on the performances. PLACARD//MUTEK 2005 inaugurates the 2005 season for LE PLACARD, which will unfurl over three months in different venues.

Paris, FR

Spearheaded by Parisian artist Erik Minkkinen, BÜRO is a structure for the organising and producing of events, dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of all kinds of “adventurous” music, while also maintaining an interest in extreme, innovative, critical, or playful artistic approaches in the grand scheme of electronic music. It’s within this context that LE PLACARD-a nomadic, international festival that, since 1999, proposes a three-month long season of live performances coupled with simultaneous streaming over the Internet-thrives. This diffusionary method stimulates creation and favours experimentation, permitting performances in rather unconventional environments: a Parisian maids’ bedroom, a Tokyo gallery, or the backstage of a concert that can become as good as diffusionary venue for the festival as any. Incorporating a large number of people present or connected live via the Internet, this event-laboratory creates a network of ephemeral concert sites, “placards (closets),” and integrates the audience into each creative step along the way.

Staalplaat Soundsystem

Conceived by Geert-Jan Hobijn and Carsten Stabenow, this project is regarded by its authors as a Mono Erosive Surround Sound Installation. Resurrecting the mechanic, playful aesthetic characteristic of all the creations from Staalplaat Soundsystem, the Yokomono installation consists of ten vinyl killers-toy car spinning record players, each customised with its own fm transmitter. The emerging sounds are due to a collection of radios that receive the randomly transmitted signals from the toy cars, yet instability and unpredictability ensues since the cars run on batteries and will ultimately die out, hence the term “vinyl killers.”
The presence of Yokomono at PLACARD//MUTEK 2005 will offer the occasion for Staalplaat to inaugurate their wireless video extension and entertain certain sonic loops from the likes of Anton Nikkilä, Charlemagne Palestine, Fennesz, fm3, Ignaz Schick, Ilpo Väisänen, Justin Bennett, C.M. von Hausswolff, Phill Niblock, Radian and Tim Hecker.

Montreal 12.15.2004 – TAC 4 @ Oboro

A rare collaboration with  David Kristian on December 15th, 2004. (see Below)

Transistors and Other Circuits

TAC 4 – Friday November 26th, 7:00 pm

Diane Labrosse
David Sanson + Mathias Delplanque
Daniel Olson

2111 bld. St-Laurent, Montréal – Museum Just for Laughs, 3rd floor, 10 $
note : TAC 4 will be followed at 10:00 PM by MUTEK Micro 10, with Julien Roy, Lena (fr), Mossa, Cabanne + Arc =Copacabannark (fr)

TAC 5 Studies of Multi-channel Diffusion by Electronic Composers (1)

Nancy Tobin
John Sellekaers
David Kristian + I8U
Mathias Delplanque

Wednesday December 15th, 9:00 pm @
Oboro, 4001 Berri – Laboratoire Nouveaux
Médias 2nd Floor, Tix: 10 $ Doors open
at 8:30pm, show starts at 9:00pm sharp.

TAC 6 – Friday December 17th, 9:00 pm

Magali Babin
Joda Clement
Tim Hecker

Oboro, 4001 rue Berri – New Media Lab, 2nd floor
9 PM, doors open at 8:30 PM

Review – Obstacle (Oral) 2002 – by TJ Norris, Soundvision

Limited to only 100 copies, I8U has contributed a fifty minute long track to our dense, temporal sound space. Characterized by quaking tonal forms and unpredictable minor peaks and shallow harmonics, this disc could be called post drone. This is macrosound redux. Parts distance and parts concrete/physical. The canvas is covered, every inch, making for sound in the fourth dimension. Canada’s i8u first presented her work live with video and animation. There are subtle hints of Ryoji Ikeda’s work with Dumb Type herein, but not at the sonic decibel level. This is a visual, sombient, refined take on the contemporary landscape. This is one of two releases from i8u this year (also Grasshopper Morphine on Piehead Records). As a live studio recording this disc has so many secrets. The sensory experience responds to an open field of urban sounds, railways, and mechanics. A gestural highway riveting in its endlessness.

More Info:

Review – Obstacle (Oral) 2002 – by François Couture, All Music

The first phase of the Obstacle project consisted of a web art collaboration between experimental electronica artist I8U and video artist Gigimatique. Obstacle Phase 2 is a longer concert version and this CD (a limited edition of 100 released by Oral the day the piece was premiered on-stage at the FIMAV festival in Victoriaville, Québec) presents a studio recording of the music. I8U derives all the sounds from field recordings made on bridges. The piece begins with an imperceptible sub-bass drone. Very slowly, other drones come forward. The characteristic buzzing of car traffic remains on the border of consciousness. It’s there, but just not quite tangible or defined enough to make it obvious. The piece continues to evolve through phases of expansion and contraction — a car trip through the streets of a suburb, where you slow down every 200 meters for a stop sign. In its last ten minutes, the piece builds up, first unveiling its source, then gaining decibels to end in a shrieking noise assault abruptly cut 27 seconds after the 50th minute. The form is not new, but I8U does it with grace, constantly holding the listener’s attention in her hands, even though the pace remains excruciatingly slow throughout. The quality of immersion during the first 45 minutes lulls one into an altered state. The finale, made of loops just a bit too obvious, sounds a bit gratuitous. Thoughts of Francisco López, Marc Behrens, and Stephen Vitiello come to mind. This album is not as strong as Grasshopper Morphine released a week earlier, but this is mostly because the extended piece format makes it less varied.

Review -Obstacle (Oral) 2002 – by Roël Meelkop, Vital Weekly

i8u- Obstacle phase 2 (CD by Oral)

Obstacle Phase 2 is actually a work of sound, video and animation,
but this CD only presents the sound part. One long track of flowing,
mostly dark sounds, with an occasional rhythm. The piece evolves
quite slowly and has an ambient feel, but on close listening, one can
hear subtle things that are not very ambient at all. Despite the dark
sounds, the piece doesn’t have a gloomy atmosphere, it has a pretty
concrete character. That’s what sets it apart from regular ambient.
The rhythmic elements are very minimal, so there is no danger
whatsoever of the track becoming flat or cheesy. The slow development
of the work does not cause loss of attention, on the contrary: the
tension is kept so well, that the whole piece is very captivating.
I’m very sorry I missed the performance with the visuals, because if
that was anywhere as good as this, it must have been a great show.
– Roel Meelkop, Vital Weekly

More Info:

Montreal 12.12.2001 – VOLT-AA: 3

Upcoming Performance

VOLT-AA: 3 audio programs of contemporary electronic music brought to your ears.

curator: Eric Mattson

dates: December 12 and 19 , 2001; January 16, 2002
hour: 8 pm (no admission after 8:30 pm)
location: O PATRO VY´S, 356 Mt. Royal E., one floor above Bily Kun Bar
Ticket : 7$ (at the door)

VOLT-AA diffusion project consists of 3 presentation-performances scheduled from December 12, 2001 to January 16, 2002. Each of these presentation-performances, approximately of two hours, will take place as following :


PART 1 is a deep listening audio program of known and recorded pieces, all related to a chosen theme

PART 2 brings the live interpretations of the theme by 3 Montreal composers
-sharing thoughts and drinks

Wednesday December 12,  2001

Part one
Listening: LINE label and composers Richard Chartier, Bernard Gunther, Immedia + Hafler Trio, Morton Feldman, Kozo Inada, Francisco López . . .

Part two
LIVE sets: Alexandre St-Onge, I8U Ælab, and . . . the Silence.

VOLT-AA is produced in collaboration with
Navire Night (Radio-Canada)
O Patro Vy´s

VOLT AA thanks le Conseil des arts et des Lettres du Québec for the help and trust given to this project.

Eric Mattson, ORAL, Mutations Technologiques