Montreal 02.05.2003 – Free Radical

February 5th – 8th, 2003
at the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault,
2022, Sherbrooke St. East,
Montreal, Quebec

A premiere performance by duo
Magali Babin and I8U at the
Maid in Cyberspace Festival 06

With an eye on emerging artists, the
Free Radical Concert Series features
a range of new music, from actuelle
and experimental to orchestral, electro,
and technopunk.

Wednesday, February 5th : Electrotext Acoustica
(an evening in Quadrophonic Sound)
Kathy Kennedy
Alexis O`Hara

Thursday, February 6th : IMPROV
Magali Babin and i8u
Haeyoung Kim (NYC Game Boy Composer)

Friday, February 7th : New Electronic Music
Anna Friz + Annabelle Chvostek (Theremin )
[sic] (a.k.a Squirrelgirl)
Myléna Bergeron

Saturday, February 8th: The Great Bitbang
Lesbians on Ecstacy
Nanobot Auxillary Ballet
Haeyoung Kim (NYC GameBoy composer)
Alice and the Serial Numbers

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