Secrets of the lake / Foreign sun ー flag.frog ー EP

Secrets of the lake / Foreign sun ー flag.frog  ー EP

on murmur records

Guitarist Tsubasa Sugiyama was added to the Electronica unit “Liquid Weeld”, comprising of  Emi Aida and Yuki Aida.
Starting activities under another name, flag.frog, this work is the first release.

Their music is Ambient pop, whispers and voice of  Oriental melodies intertwines in the fragmentary guitar and the delicate electronic sound.
You should pay attention to luxurious remixers as well, moskitoo, celer, Taylor Deupree and i8u.

Set to be released on March 16th.

We started the acceptance of the pre-order.

Track Listing

01. secrets of the lake
02. foreign sun
03. secrets of the lake – moskitoo remix
04. foreign sun – celer remix
05. secrets of the lake – taylor deupree remix
06. secrets of the lake – i8u remix

murmur records is an independent Japanese electronic music label.
It was established by Yuki Aida, sound artist.
And Emi Aida deals with the artwork of the label.
We release drone, noise, experimental, electro-acoustic, minimalism and ambient sound into the specialty mainly.