Symétrie Tour JAPAN 2016



popmuzik records and gift_lab present France Jobin Symétrie Tour Japan 2016

10-08   Tokyo @gift_lab, (sans repères session, popmuzik records)
10-10   Fukuoka @hidoke no oka (sans repères session, popmuzik records)
10-13   Okayama @pepperland (The Illusion of Infinitesimal session,Baskaru)
10-15   Ibaraki @gallery MINERVA (Singulum session,LINE)
10-16   Tokyo @sakuradai pool (Valence session, LINE)

France Jobin wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts and Conseil des arts et des lettes du Québec for its financial support.





Cruzeiro Seixas Feature Documentary


FILM  Cruzeiro Seixas (working title) (PT)
Feature documentary
Director – Cláudia Rita Oliveira

The track “String 6” from the album 10-33 released on ROOM40, will be part of the soundtrack for this upcoming film about surrealist artist Cruzeiro Seixas.

“From Here to Tranquility – Volume 7” Compilation – Silent Records (USA)



“From Here to Tranquility – Volume 7” Compilation – Silent Records (USA)
September 23rd 2016
Digital only iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, etc.
24 new tracks by:
Scanner, Mystical Sun, Jack Hertz, Dead Voices on Air, Ethernet, Randy Grief
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Kris Force, Mike Rooke, Robin Parmar
Hawthonn, Tulpa Atma, Metcalfe/Chasny, Gunshae, Aume
Pragma, Hakobune, Nad Spiro, Miguel Isaza, France Jobin
Solipsism Solipsism, Ben Guiver, Dirk Series, Yui Onodera