sans repères on popmuzik records

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France Jobin sans repères popmusikrec_002 LP (180g Heavy Vinyl) Edition of 300 September 21st 2014 Field recordings in Fukuoka and in Yanagawa during a boat ride in the canals. Created

Mirror Neurons – New AV collaboration – Sound: France Jobin & Fabio Perletta, Visuals: xx+xy visuals

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France Jobin + Fabio Perletta with xx+xy visuals Mirror Neurons Mirror Neurons represent a distinctive class of cells that fire both when an animal executes an action and when it observes

Event Horizon – Sound: France Jobin, Video: Cédrick Eymenier

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EVENT HORIZON (v.9) – France Jobin – Cédrick Eymenier Event Horizon (TRAILER) from Cedrick Eymenier on Vimeo. EVENT HORIZON is an experimental audio/visual work by France Jobin (audio) and Cédrick

Mirror Neurons – world premiere at A × S / ak-sis / FESTIVAL 2014 | CURIOSITY

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Mirror Neurons : France Jobin + Fabio Perletta with xx+xy visuals will premiere at A × S / ak-sis / FESTIVAL 2014 | CURIOSITY September 25th 2014 as part of Synergetica Screening. (see below) AxS Festival 2014

UNYAZI 2014 – The listening room

Sep. 20, 2014 by

iP orbital from Valence released on LINE will be screened September 11 and run through September 13th in the listening room, part of UNYAZI 2014, the South African electronic music festival.