Valence on LINE

France Jobin
CD + Digital
Edition of 500
February  14th 2012

LINE is proud to present a new work by Montreal sound artist France Jobin. Having released under her moniker i8u, Valence is her first release under her own name. Created entirely from transformed field recordings, this collection of three compositions has an elegant flowing simplicity. Slow harmonic modulations of a similar essence to the works of Eliane Radigue and Celer.

Valence is inspired by both the valence bond (VB) and molecular orbital (MO) theories.

An atomic orbital is a mathematical function that describes the wave-like behavior of either one electron or a pair of electrons in an atom. This function can be used to calculate the probability of finding any electron of an atom in any specific region around the atom’s nucleus. The term may also refer to the physical region defined by the function where the electron is likely to be.

Often, my compositions start with a feeling or emotional state. There is a likelihood of finding a certain emotion in a piece, but it is not guaranteed, nor do I know exactly when or where I will find it. The act of looking for that emotion in of itself will distort it. Although one would think experimental music grants complete freedom, when composing, I feel constrained by both my mental state and the way in which I build the piece.

I find an unlikely parallel in quantum theory and composing. The electron that can exist on a different orbital plain can never have it’s velocity measured or even its exact location known, due to the intimate connection between particles and waves in the wacky world of subatomic dimensions.
All sounds recorded at various locations in North America and Europe.
Special thanks to Richard Chartier and Mark Hogben.
Cover image by Mark Hogben.

S orbital   27:41
P orbital   22:12
D orbital   18:21



Studio 303 

Created by Tedi Tafel (conception/direction) 

In collaboration with
 Leslie Baker, Bill Coleman, Dean Makarenko, Lin Snelling,
 Monique Jean, France Jobin (I8U) et Yan Lee Chan
January 13-14-15 & 20-21-22, 6 p. m. to 9 p. m.
661, Rose-de-Lima,
Montreal (metro Lionel-Groulx)

Janvier by Tedi Tafel

Janvier is what happens when talented artists from various disciplines collaborate and use their fertile imaginations to explore in depth the sensuality and mystery that is January. Winter dictates the pace of this piece, in which images unfold slowly. In this atmosphere of ambiguity and shifting shadows, where even the architecture is in perpetual flux, bodies rise slowly from the cold, like winter light emerging ever so gradually from darkness. check video

For artist Tedi Tafel, Janvier represents the culmination of more than twenty years of researching the evocative potential of bodies in non-traditional venues. First presented as part of Calendar, a series of multidisciplinary performances offered throughout the city, each month at a different site, Janvier is back in all its magically suggestive splendour, further enriched by the cumulative experience of a year of Calendar performances.

NB: Janvier flows continuously over a period of three hours. The public is invited to move throughout the site freely, and to come and go as it pleases. However, space is limited. Reservations recommended.


Tedi Tafel is a Montreal-based choreographer and teacher whose current research interests include site-specific performance and video installation. Her work investigates the expressive potential of the human body in direct relationship to place. Inspired by being in nature, she creates from a need to translate something of this experience back into the city. She transforms public sites into spaces of heightened attention, imagination, and metaphor, thereby diverting us from our habitual, merely functional mode of moving through the city, and awakening in us a more sensual and enchanted engagement with our surroundings. With her latest works, Life-World (2007) and Calendar (2010), Tedi departs from conventional notions of ‘spectacle.’ She invents new forms of presentation that blur the separations between performer and audience, between art and life. Her work has been shown across Canada and in New York, Iceland, Mexico, Germany and Wales.

Janvier is copresented by Studio 303 and l’Agora de la danse.