Audio Screening & Conversation with the Muses


Audio Screening & Conversation | In Conversation with the Muses
Lucia H. Chung (Convenor) with i8u, Miki Yui & Peter Hodgkinson | 02

August 2011 | 7:30-9pm | £2

at SoundFjord
Unit 3b – Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road, N15 4ER
London, United Kingdom

In response to an invitation to hosting an audio screening at SoundFjord, artist Lucia H Chung conducts an exchange project with artists who have inspired her artistic journey in sound and music making.

This 8-week long exchange between Muki Yui, i8u and Lucia started from a collective contemplation on Yoko Ono’s instruction Secret Piece (1953), first sent by Lucia to the other artists respectively. Responding to the material that they received, Miki and i8u returned their thoughts in the form of text, image and sound. Through this to and fro correspondence, the three artists shared a close and intimate conversation on time, space, memory and sound. This journey of exchange will be presented as a collaborative work that is exclusive to SoundFjord.

The event will also be the premiere of an audiovisual work created out of a collaboration between Peter Hodgkinson and Lucia H Chung.

Finally, Lucia will talk about her forthcoming solo work on murmur records in Japan.

Chain Letter


Chain Letter
Curated by Christian Cummings & Doug Harvey

Summer 2011 Group Exhibition


Shoshana Wayne Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave # B1
Santa Monica, CA 90404-4031

Date: July 23 – August 25, 2011
Opening Saturday, July 23 / 6-8 pm

Works by Yann Novak, Robert Crouch, Heather Cassills and i8u’s 29 Palms
released on DER will be part of the exhibit +  many more artists!

Chain Letter is a group exhibition based on admiration.  Initially
conceived by Christian Cummings and Doug Harvey in 2006, inclusion in the
exhibition is based on invitation by someone who admires one’s work.  Each
artist invited, then invites ten other artists whom they admire, and so
on.  This email invite will circulate for thirty days, at the end of which
each artist will install their own work on the floor at Shoshana Wayne

This exhibition is rooted in the ideals of inclusion, and highlights the
social nature of the art world.  It is the hope of the curators that the
response will be vast and that the artists represented will be an
exponential representation of all artists that are currently working and
admired by their peers.

Chain Letter mimics communication today; and the way in which information
is passed.  The outcome will be a testament to the power of connectivity
within society at present.

Other cities worldwide will be participating in the Chain Letter
exhibition including New York City, London, Paris, Johannesburg,
Philadelphia, Boston, Seoul.


Bring to light NYC

 Bring to light NYC – Nuit Blanche New York

October 1st 2011 in Greenpoint

The Festival

Bring to Light is a free nighttime public festival of art in New York City that takes place simultaneously with “nuit blanche” events in cities around the world. Inviting emerging and established artists to make site-specific installations of light, sound, performance and projection art, the event creates an immersive spectacle for thousands of visitors to re-imagine public space and civic life. Bring to Light will transform streets, parks and the industrial waterfront of Greenpoint, Brooklyn set against dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline.


Translated from the Japanese as “space-time”, JiKU (jeekoo) is an audiovisual, interactive experience as well as a video mapping installation and projection. While listening to a live music stream, audience members view an intricate visual projection, programmed by the artist to respond specifically to the music. Displayed overhead, the projection distorts the space of the immediate area as it showers light over participants. JiKU will energize a dormant location within Greenpoint, as the artist manipulates the space based on the real time reactions of the individuals inhabiting it.

Projection by Chika

Audio by i8u