Montreal 10.19.2009 – Simulcast

Oct. 19, 2009 by

Presented by the Montréal-based organization Silophone.
Curator: Emmanuel Madan
Independent curatorial project for a series of audio web based and radio

New York 10.17.2009 bubblyfish-i8u at the Stone

Oct. 17, 2009 by

A collaborative performance by Bubblyfish and i8u. Prosody comes from linguistics, the patterns of stress, rhythm and intonation of connected speech. It may reflect various features of the speaker, be it utterance or an emotional state

Moscow, St. Petersburg, kolomna 10.15-23-29.2009 – Electroshock

Oct. 15, 2009 by

Broadcast of Ligne – i8u | Tomas Phillips released on ATAK
Radio Ultra 70.19FM Moscow
Radio Neva-3 – 104.4 FM St. Petersburg’s
Radio Kolomna – 91.8 FM Kolomna

Send+Receive 10 years of sounds (2009)

Oct. 15, 2009 by

send + receive’s 10th Anniversary audio + video DVD set, featuring select performances from the past ten years of  send + receive’s remarkable history, extensive liner notes by festival founder