Review – 10-33cm (ROOM40) 2008 – by Guillermo Escudero, loop

Dec. 31, 2008 by

La artista sonora de Montreal France Jobin explora en “10-33 cm” la Teoría de las Cuerdas como primera fuente sonora

Review -10-33cm (ROOM40) 2008 – by BGN, WHITE LINE UK

Dec. 31, 2008 by

Another conceptually provocative piece from Canada’s France Jobin, operating under the name “i8u”. “10.33cm” purports to be directly influenced by String Theory,

Review -10-33cm (ROOM40) 2008 – by Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Dec. 31, 2008 by

We haven’t heard lately of France Jobin, who works since many years as I8U.

Krems Austria 12.15.2009 – und transit

Dec. 15, 2008 by


We all have a capacity to ignore the space we must use to get to our destination. Like most passage ways, they are a means to an end and rarely are treated as an end in itself.

10 -33cm on ROOM40 (2008)

Dec. 1, 2008 by

i8u’s 10-33 cm is a audio work of varied proportion and calculated shape. Based on the ideas associated with String Theory,