Review – Extract, Portrait of Soundartists(nvo) 2007 – by Massimo Ricci, touching extremes

Jul. 21, 2007 by

For a label named Nonvisualobjects, issuing a book would seem an incomprehensible move. But, as Heribert Friedl and Raphael Moser explain in the introduction, they did it just in case that “the inevitable decay of digitally stored media” cancels every trace of this kind of art and culture.

Review – Extract, Portrait of Soundartists (nvo) 2007 – by Larry Johnson, earlabs

Jul. 21, 2007 by

For anyone interested in modern-day approaches to experimental electro-acoustic music, especially the more minimal interpretations, Extract | Portraits of Soundartists is a valuable, practical, and enjoyable reference.

Review – Extract, Portrait of Soundartists(nvo) 2007 – by Tom Sekowski, gaz-eta

Jul. 21, 2007 by

The premise sounds simple. Vienna based Non Visual Objects imprint invited twenty-two sound artists to present a piece of work. Over time, two CDs worth of sounds were filed.

Review – Extract Portrait of Soundartists(nvo) 2007 by BGN, WHITE-LINE

Jul. 21, 2007 by

It is encouraging that at last there seems to be a genuine groundswell of interest in the sonic arts here in the UK, in part stimlulated, no doubt by groundbreaking tomes by David Toop, followed by his inspirational Sonic Boom Festival in London some years back, which to some extent defined the paradigm shift in public understanding and acceptance of sound art.

Review – Extract, Portrait of Soundartists(nvo) 2007 – by Nicola Catlalano, blow up

Jul. 12, 2007 by

In solo due anni d’esistenza e poco piĆ¹ di una decina di produzioni la Nonvisualobjects di Heribert Friedl e Raphael Moser si candida ad un ruolo di primo piano nell’ambito internazionale della sound art

Review of Mutek 2007 Nocturne 3 by TJ Norris, Igloomag

Jul. 11, 2007 by

In the larger room were mostly the dance music, in the smaller space more experimental and quieter or quirky offerings.

Review – Extract, Portrait of Soundartists(nvo) 2007 – by Tobias Fischer, tokafi

Jul. 10, 2007 by

Intensifies the brain’s hunger for information and input: A fascinating read and listen throughout.