Montreal 03.04.2004 – Studio XX

THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 2004, 5:30 pm @ Studioxx

Salon Femmes br@nchées #54 – FUGUES INTERACTIVES

Studio XX, Montreal¹s premier digital resource centre for women, proposes a rendezvous with five sound artists just coming out from months of new technical explorations. As always, tantalising snacks will be provided during this Happy Hour get-together.

Freed from intensive sessions in front of their monitors, the artists who participated in the MAX professional development workshop are happy to present their works-in-progress. They will demystify for you this programming environment that they loved discovering. Why MAX? To learn a versatile new tool that allows for a plethora of possibilities ­ electric, interactive, musical. During the first part of the evening, Chantal Dumas, Kathy Kennedy, I8U and Vera Ronkos will expose the interactive applications that they developed using sound and automation. The instructor of the workshop, Patrice Coulombe will join with them to convince you that MAX is a necessary tool for all interdisciplinary and technological artists!