Subharmonic: Symposium of Sonic Arts

Live 6 channel concert at PICA – March 23rd – 6:00 pm
Field recording workshop March 24th – 11:00am
Panel: Exploring Sonic Practices March 24th 3:30 -5:30

Subharmonic: A Sonic Arts Symposium spans two immersive days of interactive workshops, thought-provoking panels, and live performances for artists and audiences of all experience levels to explore, discuss, and engage with a broad range of contemporary and experimental sound art and its influences. Programs will touch on electronic and noise music, video and light installation, film and video, space and architecture, racial and gender equity in the field, and more.

Both local and global critical ideas and creative practices will be shared, with a keynote presentation by sound art curator and practitioner France Jobin (Montréal) and performances and conversations featuring numerous local artists. Collaboratively curated by a consortium of local arts organizations and collectives, the full scope of symposium activity reflects a commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices in sound art and highlighting the depth and diversity of sonic art landscape, practices, and communities in Portland and beyond.

Schedule of Events

Friday, March 23

5:00 PM – Doors

5:30 PM – Opening Performance by SAMPLE, Portland State University, Laptop Ensemble

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM – SIX is a Portland, Oregon based, DIY, community-oriented, “surround sound” performance series with an emphasis on presenting local, regional, and international experimental musicians/sound artists in a multi-directional immersive listening environment. SIX offers the audience an opportunity to explore different ways of listening. For many participants SIX is a unique chance to explore performing through six separate channels. This will be the 12th SIX since 2008. Artists: Reese Bowes (Reliqs)Sage Fisher (Dolphin Midwives) + Chloe AlexandraMarcus Fischer, and a keynote presentation by France Jobin

Saturday, March 24

10:00 AM – Doors and Coffee

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM – Field recording workshops facilitated by Burke JamFrance Jobin, and Chloe Alexandra. This workshop will involve groups of 15-20 participants, organized into a recording walk. Each group will explore sounds found within walking radius of PICA. Exploring natural, industrial, and climatological, acoustic ecologies, the workshop will focus on basic recording techniques, ways of listening, DIY tools and unconventional recording technologies. RSVP REQUIRED – USE THIS FORM TO SAVE YOUR SPOT.

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM – SIX Installation / Interactive Demo 15 minute demonstration of several sound-making objects which are amplified with contact mics, and mixed into the six-channel setup followed by a Q+A with Marcus Fischer and hands-on sound-making and panning to provide an experience that connects the soundmaking with the multi-channel possibilities.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – Using Your Voice With Modular Synthesizer
Facilitated by the S1 Synth Library and Alissa DeRubeis
20 Students, All Ages
In this hour long interactive workshop we will explore using voice in conjunction with modular synthesizers. We will cover some basic concepts and a simple signal flow we can use to patch our voice to a eurorack modular synth. Everyone will be encouraged to use their voice and turn knobs! RSVP REQUIRED – USE THIS FORM TO SAVE YOUR SPOT.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Experimental Sound Collage with CDJS
Facilitated by the S1 Synth Library and Daniela Karina
20 students, All Ages
In this hour long interactive workshop we will explore sound collage and layering with multiple DJ set-ups. We will cover basic concepts of using CDJS and explore as a group to create soundscapes and unexpected layers & rhythms from field recordings, samples, and more. RSVP REQUIRED – USE THIS FORM TO SAVE YOUR SPOT.

3:30 – 5:30 PM – Exploring Sonic Practices
Artist Share and Discussion with Jamondria HarrisShannon FunchessAmenta AbiotoChristi DentonAnna VoMyles de Bastion, and France JobinThis panel will be ASL interpreted.

8:30 PM – 12:00 AM – S1 presents a night of new collaborative performances: Indira Valey + Kevin HoldenFelisha Ledesma + keyon gaskinAlex Ian Smith + Angelo HarmsworthDJ Black Daria + Daniela Karina

Subharmonic: A Sonic Arts Symposium is generously supported by PICAS1PSU School of MusicSonic Arts and Music Technology ProgramSchool of Art and Design, SIX, and Friends of Noise

Imaginarni pejzaži – Featuring France Jobin

December 18.2017 – 22:40 – RADIO-TELEVIZIJA SRBIJE


U večerašnjoj emisiji predstavićemo ostvarenja kanadske autorke Frans Žoben, pre svega numere sa njenog najnovijeg albuma „Scene”, kao i sa ostvarenja „Singulum” i „Bez repera”.

Frans Žoben je umetnica i kompozitorka iz Montreala, koja se bavi i stvaranjem elektronskih kompozicija i zvučnih instalacija, u koje inkorporira muzičke i vizuelne elemente inspirisane arhitekturom. Njena dela su izlagana širom sveta, a takođe je objavljivala za neke od vodećih kuća posvećenih elektronskoj muzici poput Bake/Štalplat, RumForti, Baksaru, Mjutek i drugih, sarađujući sa Štefanom Matjuom, Rijodžijem Ikedom, Markom Felom i Ričardom Šartijeom. Dobitnica je prestižne kanadske nagrade Opus za koncert godine u okviru kategorije elektroakustike, za nastup na festivalu AKUZMA 8.

Album Scene ova umetnica je objavila 17. novembra za kuću L-INE Imprint. Ovo ostvarenje je posvećeno finskom muzičaru Miki Vainiju, koji je preminuo u aprilu, i koji je bio njen dobar prijatelj. Žoben je kao jedino obrazloženje ponudila sledeće reči: „Značaj promene je nepromenljivo, pod uslovima linearnog vremena, večnost će doneti utehu”.

Urednica Ksenija Stevanović


Interview – episode 5: fragile beauty guest: france jobin

Wednesday, December 20th 2017 @ 10pm eastern time

A new interview with France Jobin, conducted by Derek Piotr for his weekly radio show BEAUTY will air Wednesday, December 20th 2017 @ 10pm eastern time.

Includes an exclusive short djmix by France featuring tracks by pinkcourtesyphonematerial objectatomTM and evala.

B E A U T Y = beamed electronically across underlying true yearning

tune in on

the show will be uploaded on mixcloud

every wednesday 10pm eastern time

Derek and France will discuss the meaning of beauty, sound, field recordings and all matter of the unknown!

episode 5: fragile beauty guest: france jobin 

toshi ichiyanagi – music for living space (1969)
rnn_lstm – neural network tries to generate english speech
bass communion – ghosts on magnetic tape (liles reconstruction – part i)
i8u – grasshopper morphine

france jobin – 3_m
france jobin – scène 4

***france plays dj***
pinkcourtesyphone – wishful wistful wanton – Foley Folly Folio – LINE_SEG01
material object – synthesis – Alive01 – No.915
atomTM – riding the void – HD – Raster-Noton – R-N 147
evala – crackling/hush – acoustic bend – Port- PTCD005


Performance – Espace cercle carré

Nov.20.2017 – An evening of digital arts performances curated by Guillaume Côté

ESPACE CERCLE CARRÉ accueille, le vendredi 10 novembre 2017 dès 20 h, les artistes Dominic Thibault, France Jobin, Patrick Saint-Denis, Preston Beebe pour une soirée de performances audiovisuelles.

20h : Patrick St-Denis
20h30 : Dominic Thibault
21h : Preston Beebe
21h30 : France Jobin

ESPACE CERCLE CARRÉ accueille, le vendredi 10 novembre 2017 dès 20 h, les artistes Dominic Thibault, France Jobin, Patrick Saint-Denis, Preston Beebe pour une soirée de performances audiovisuelles.

36, rue Queen
Montreal, Quebec
20h : Patrick St-Denis
20h30 : Dominic Thibault
21h : Preston Beebe
21h30 : France Jobin



Dominic Thibault est un musicien électronique, un compositeur, un improvisateur, un enseignant, membre du duo Tout Croche, codirecteur du label The Silent Howl. Sa musique se situe à la croisée de la musique concrète, du noise, du techno et du paysage sonore. Il nous présentera une pièce pour modules de traitement désuets et vidéo.



France Jobin est à la fois artiste audio, compositrice et commissaire. Son art qualifié de «sculpture sonore » se distingue par une approche minimaliste aux environnements sonores, à l’intersection de l’analogue et du numérique. Ses installations empruntent un parcours parallèle, intégrant des éléments musicaux et visuels inspirés par l’architecture des lieux. On peut « vivre l’expérience » de ses installations et concerts live dans une variété d’espaces non conventionnels tels que des festivals de musique et de nouvelles technologies au Canada, aux États-Unis, en Amérique du Sud, en Afrique du Sud, en Europe et au Japon.



Patrick Saint-Denis est un compositeur travaillant principallement en art sonore et en scénographie interactive. Ses oeuvres vont de l’installation vidéo à la machinerie robotisée à grande échelle. Son travail est régulièrement présenté en concert, en exposition et en danse tant à Montréal qu’à l’étranger. Il est chargé de cours en musique visuelle et en lutherie numérique à l’Université de Montréal depuis 2010.


Preston détient une maîtrise en composition musicale à l’Université McGill ainsi qu’un Baccalauréat en composition de musique électronique et performance de percussion à l’Université de la Floride du Sud. De 2014 à 2015, il compose un travail pour le baryton Axophone et électronique vivante présentée au centre G. Pompidou à Paris. De plus, il codéveloppe le SpectraSurface,une interface de percussion numérique qui utilise l’extraction de fonctions audio pour contrôler la synthèse du son. En 2011, il sort un album de musique acousmatique, Glisten.


Tarif régulier : 10$
Tarif étudiant: 5$





Influencé par ce qui l’entoure, le compositeur électroacoustique Guillaume Côté explore, à travers un mélange de matériaux concrets, synthétiques et vocaux, les dynamiques territoriales, linguistiques et sociales propres au Québec.

Il est titulaire d’une maîtrise en composition électroacoustique de l’Université de Montréal sous la tutelle de Robert Normandeau.

Éclectique, sa recherche artistique repose non seulement sur la rencontre de l’Autre par un discours musical aux visées narrative ou informative, mais aussi sur l’abstraction induite par les systèmes modulaires.

Cofondateur de la boîte de création audionumérique Trames, il collabore avec plusieurs artistes tels que Samuel Bobony (Black Givre), Guillaume Campion (Archipel), Lucie Leroux (Empreintes) Dave Gagnon (L’Autre) et Alexis Langevin-Tétrault (Falaises).

RBMA Main Stage

Main Stage RBMA’s Drone Activity in Progress –
Mutek Nocturne 3 on Aug 24, 2017
concert stream of France Jobin’s Vacuum phase transition: an exploration of metastability – Live
stream here

Drone Activity in Progress

Taking a cue from their event held last year while the Academy was in Montréal, Thursday night promises serious doses of drone and heaviosity with immersive sound artist France Jobin, the full spectrum overtones of Sarah Davachi, an experimental modular adventure from Surgeon’s Anthony Child, claustrophobic atmospheres and grid-resistant pulses from Fis, and the masterful and dangerous sound design of Norwegian legend Deathprod.


Entre/temps – Site specific sound installation June 4 -September 30 2017

Entre/temps at Eremo Celestianiano Di Madonna Dell’Altare, in Panela (CH), a site specific sound installation and
France Jobin will perform the opening concert for the opening of the festival Eremi Arte.


Is an in-situ installation resulting from my daily encounters and experiences with the people and landscape of the Abruzzo region. The location, la Madonna dell’altare is a particular setting for this work. Constructed in the 14th century, it is placed on a cliff that makes the building impenetrable from three sides.

Yet, there is a fragility here, a beauty in landscape that defies time. In this spirit, entre/temps proposes a small intermission, a moment of time, within time.

‘entre/temps’ è un’installazione in-situ, risultato delle mie esperienze e incontri quotidiani con la gente e il paesaggio della regione Abruzzo. Il luogo de La Madonna dell’Altare rappresenta una cornice speciale per questo lavoro. Costruita nel 14° secolo, la struttura è situata su una scogliera che la rende impenetrabile da tre lati.

Eppure c’è una fragilità qui, una bellezza nel paesaggio che sfida il tempo. In questo spirito, ‘entre/temps’ si configura come una piccola pausa, un attimo di tempo nel tempo.

Entre-deux @ n38e13 in Palermo, Sicily


Entre-deux @ n38e13  in Palermo, Sicily


France has been invited to present Entre-deux, a 4-channel site-specific sound installation, 144 minute cycles

Entre-deux will be presented in the context of Innerscape organized by Vacuamoenia. Innerscape is a week-long project where artists are invited to reflect through their own compositions on a type of exploration in unusual landscapes, trying to make to hear the inaudible.

Entre-deux will be presented for the closing of the event May 20th 2017.
Artists involved and compilation album

More about  Entre-deux :

Jobin was one of five international artists selected to present her sound installation, Entre-Deux, in the new media exhibit Data/Fields, curated by Richard Chartier at Artisphere in the Washington, DC area, along with Ryoji Ikeda, Mark Fell, Caleb Coppock, and Andy Graydon. Her proposition received critical acclaim from the national press.

Created entirely with actual field recordings from across the globe and on location around Artisphere, Montreal sound artist France Jobin’s site-specific work Entre-deux explores acts of systemic, yet subjective, information gathering. Spaces and times are chosen for their inherent beauty, then processed and reformed as location and experience itself becomes transposed. Entre-deux is the re-placing of data.  RC

This residency is made possible by the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Research grant for New Media and Audio Artists.


Vienna @ Alte Schmiede

Concert in Vienna @ Alte Schmiede Wien Musikwerkstat

Minimalismus und Loop. Synths zwischen Acid und Ambient: FRANCE JOBIN (CAN) / JOHANNES AUVINEN (AUT/FIN)

Eine Veranstaltung von STROMSCHIENE

Sie sind beide an minimalistischen Sprachen und konzisen Ausdrucksweisen interessiert. Die Kanadierin France Jobin und der in Wien ansässige Finne Johannes Auvinen. Letzterer ist fast ausschließlich im internationalen Club-Kontext anzutreffen, wo er fein nuancierten Acid-House aus Synth und Drumcomputer schält. In seinem Set für die Alte Schmiede präsentiert er erstmals seinen soften Casual Acid. Auvinen konzentriert sich dabei auf die Grundbausteine des Genres, auf Timbre und die Texturen der Synth-Lines, gespeist aus den typischen Maschinen Roland 303 und 101. Er betreibt eine Analyse des Genres, die die Seele und haptischen Qualitäten des House hervortreten lässt und den Fokus auf die melodischen Parts legt. Auch die filigranen Stücke von France Jobin basieren auf feinen Schattierungen und Abstufungen. Die Sound-Art-Künstlerin und Komponistin überführt ihren minimalistischen Ansatz in komplexe, ätherische Klangumgebungen, in denen analoge und digitale Prozesse miteinander verschränkt werden. Es sind klare Drones und subtile Klangwolken, die in Vergangenheitsschichten vordringen und gleichzeitig ins Reich des Imaginären entführen, wobei sie den realen Raum nie außer Acht lassen. S. Strelka/VK

Weitere Informationen: France Jobin Johannes Auvinen

– –
LQ – Literarisches Quartier | Schönlaterngasse 9, 1010 Wien
Stufenloser Zugang zu Galerie (GLZ) und Schmiede-Werkstatt (AS)
Barrierefreies WC im Erdgeschoss
Zu Veranstaltungszeiten Behindertenparkplatz vor dem Haus Schönlaterngasse 13
Freier Eintritt bei allen Veranstaltungen in der Alten Schmiede!


France has been invited to present a concert in Vienna by Shilla Strelka, who was asked  to curate 6 shows over the course of one year at Alte Schmiede Wien Musikwerkstat. The space has some history, having artists like Wishart, Feldman, LIgeti, La Monte Young and Luc Ferrari in their past line-up. it’s seated shows, 100ppl only and free entry.

Kicking off the series with microsound maniac Marcus Schmickler + Christian Schroeder on 31/3, it will be followed by France Jobin + Johannes Auvinen , May.16.2017.

The whole thing is called Azephal + Aleph.
Concerts are happening as part of the STROM SCHIENE series.

This is made possible by the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant to Media Artists – International Residencies program.