“From Here to Tranquility – Volume 7” Compilation – Silent Records (USA)

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    “From Here to Tranquility – Volume 7” Compilation – Silent Records (USA) September 23rd 2016 Digital only iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, etc. 24 new tracks by: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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  RADIANCE II: MUSIC FOR THE ANSWER Original score by France Jobin and Stephan Mathieu for Cedrick Eymenier’s film The Answer Answers by France Jobin, Sea Songs by Stephan Mathieu

Singulum on LINE

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  France Jobin Singulum LINE_075 CD + Digital Edition of 400 February 2016 Returning to LINE after her critically acclaimed 2012’s Valence (LINE_054), France Jobin brings us the four sparse elegant works

mirror neurons on DER

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  Duration 46:15 Format CD + Digital Edition 500 Release Date April 21, 2015 Cover xx+xy visual Track Listing 01 Parallel 02 Reflection 03 Mimesis Bonus Video All orders through

sans repères on popmuzik records

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France Jobin sans repères popmusikrec_002 LP (180g Heavy Vinyl) Edition of 300 September 21st 2014 Field recordings in Fukuoka and in Yanagawa during a boat ride in the canals. Created

Quark – How Does The Invisible Sound

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QUARK HOW DOES THE INVISIBLE SOUND? Format: Digital (MP3, FLAC, ALAC) Edition: Unlimited Catalogue: Q01 Release Date: February 27, 2014 Duration: 24:29— Tracklist 01 Ennio Mazzon – Sadbury’s Helicity 02 France Jobin – Baryons 03 Robert Crouch –

The illusion of infinitesimal on Baskaru

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France Jobin The Illusion of Infinitesimal KARU:27 CD (digipak) Edition of 500 February 11th 2014 Perfection and Uncertainty The thing about France Jobin’s music that never fails to impress is

Livingvoid compilation

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livingvoid – A compilation of self-portraits in audio and image designed for shuffle playing is now available to pre-order! Jack Chutter of ATTN magazine  UK put together a special USB memory stick

framework seasonal issue #4 Spring 2013

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framework seasonal is a regular review of works produced by artists working with field-recording. all works are previously unreleased, and contributed freely by their creators in support of framework radio.

tmymtur – Release Date 18.March.2013

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Tmymtur: 呼応 release 18.March.2013 Format: Digital | 96kHz/24bit Time 64:41.622 Cat#: en005 Label: ENSL AMDC 値段: 3,150 JPY (Tax in) Track Listing: “05.09.2012/0” Taylor Deupree remix “05.09.2012/0” Yui Onodera remix “05.09.2012/0”