Review – unter den linden – und transit (NVO) 2010 – by Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

May. 30, 2010 by

unter den linden – Christophe Charles | und transit – i8u on NVO The second new release is also a split one, this time between I8U and Christophe Charles. He

Review – physical, absent, tangible (Contour Editions) 2010 – by Adrian Dziewanski, scrapyardforecast

May. 20, 2010 by

Physical, Absent, Tangible, i8u, Christopher Delaurenti, Gil Sansón and Brian Mackern & Gabriel Galli 18.5.10 Various Artists ‘Physical, Absent, Tangible’ cd-r (Contour Editions, 2010) It’s shaping up to be a

und transit on NVO 022 (2010)

May. 10, 2010 by

NVO 022 christophe charles / i8u unter den linden / und transit