Montreal 03.12.205 – Proximité


Proximité is a project presented at the Clark Gallery in the context of their “Postes_Audio ” initiative. Set up in a area of the gallery referred to as the lounge, Postes_Audio offers an array of sound exploration. It invites the listener to put on a set of headphones and enjoy the music of a   featured artist. 2 sets of headphones, 2 artists.

Proximité is a collection of tracks that have been released on Canadian and European labels as well as unreleased tracks including the only collaboration of this catalogue recorded with artist Akira Rabelais. This material was specifically selected by i8u to reflect upon the intimate relationship between listener and the music, therefore utilizing the space, be it audible or physical

Plenty of thought and analysis comes into play when dealing with proximity in the visual world, yet proximity in the aural world is more abstract and for most of us under explored. With the visual, proximity is usually measured in distance between you and an inanimate object, yet in the aural world it is usually more personal. Although, sound can be caused by objects making us aware of our relationship to it, usually it is people or relationships that are brought to our attention through sound. A whisper or a yell, even when alone, has power because of its proximity. The music needs of a listener can sometimes be satisfied in a large auditorium, and with others, only earphones will suffice.

This project attempts to explore the organic nature of what sound evokes in us within the context of its aural proximity.

Curators : Gennaro de Pasquale and Sébastien Lapointe.

Featured Artists:


At the Clark Gallery – March 10 to April 2005
5455, Avenue de Gaspé, Room 604, Montreal (QC)
Opened Wednesday to Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm.